Dog Strollers – Wheels for your Dog

On a hot day at the local park or a long day at the farmer’s market, puppies can get tuckered out a bit quicker than we humans. Not to mention they are much more easily distracted by that poodle or hot dog vendor across the street. Because of this sometimes a simple collar and leash won’t do. Sometimes, according to how susceptible to the elements or how easily distracted, these long trips can be dangerous for our pets.

If your dog sometimes needs a lot of breaks on outings or it they tend to get overly distracted, don’t cut your trips short. Simply invest in one of these wonderful dog strollers picked out by a few of our favorite doggie experts. From the luxurious and meek to the cheap yet chic, our top ten list has something for every dog . . . and human . . . on your list.

On the Brink of Pink
This hot pink number will get you from A to B to P-ink-tastic in no time flat! Sporty yet still completely girly and chic this selection is a great buy . . . if you consider the quality. The sturdy wheels are great for all terrains and come rain or shine; pup stays safe in a breathable, seeable cover that zips him or her in secure and snug.

Two by Two
Got a full family of furry friends? No more leaving one behind. Say goodbye to taking turns with this double pet stroller that allows both of your favorite someones to come along and enjoy the ride. We heart this stroller because it is basically a portable kennel. From food bowls and water bowls to toys, treats and wee wee pads . . . you can fit everything you need into this model.

Doggie Joggers
While the name might remind you of a pooch in a sweat band and sneakers working out to an old Richard Simmons tape, this doggie jogger is a little less pupper-cise and a little more human calorie burning. Made for power walking, running or jogging down the block, this sport model of dog strollers is great for catching the morning bus, taking an afternoon run or for simply looking fantastic and fashionable wherever it is you are running to.

Zippity-Do-Dah- Day
This simplistic style is great for men who want to push along their sweet someone without attracting too much attention. With a detachable cover, rear locking wheels and zipping, protective net – these dog strollers are so versatile they can go from the ball park to Park Place all without ever skipping a beat.

Ladylike Lugger
Rosy and posy and all things ladylike and sweet . . . this elegant and traditional dog stroller will take you any place you or puppy wants to be. Perch your black Pomeranian in the front and your pink shopping bag in the bag . . . and come rain or shine, both will be protected by the mesh weather guard. How’s that for a double feature?

Economical Wonders
Economical AND three products in one! You can’t beat this deal! These dog strollers prices beat out many brands that only have one feature. Changing into a carrier, stroller and puppy car seat, this model offers plenty of bang for your buck. It will get you safely to the Boardwalk, help you push around Fido at all the many attractions . . . and even help you store them on the plane if your rental car breaks down.

Roadster in the Park
Like a mini car without the gas . . . this little roadster will make even Jeff Gordon’s pup green with envy . . . even though it’s pink. Sporty and durable, this model is great for any place you want to be – and any terrain you want to travel. The only question left to ask yourself is where you want to go!

Sunny Skies
This cheerful and oh, so yellow stroller is as sunny as it is practical. This bright brand is perfect for adding some sunny fun to summer and also perfectly zip-able for those rainy day blues. So whether you are running to the park or running from the rain clouds, these dog strollers are sure to get you there in cheerful style.

Big Man on Campus
If you have a dog whose large and in charge, this stroller is the perfect size for him and the perfect weight for you. Push pup uphill with ease and downhill with plenty of control . . . and for pup? He can enjoy the ride that usually only the tiny dogs get to soak up . . . and they can’t laugh at him anymore. “Who’s giggling now Perry the Chihuahua?”

When buying dog strollers remember that style is only part of the equation – form and function should always be well examined. If you still aren’t sure what dog stroller is best for you and your pet – ask a friend, vet or pet store clerk for advice. Often times they will have better knowledge of what is most durable, safe or even what is returned to the store most often.



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