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Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Rustic Accessories for a Room

Creating rustic farmhouse décor means you’re establishing a relaxed, warm, and organic vibe that is truly inviting. However, as with any décor or style, there are a few rules that are meant to be followed when accessorizing. Read on below for the do’s and don’ts when decorating your home or room with rustic accessories. You’ll thank us later!

Do: Use Plenty of Wood

When choosing your accessories to display around your room, choose ones that are made out of wood. Consider wooden accessories like planters to brighten up a room, rustic table lamps that boast many country-like and creative designs, pedestals to show off your interests, or frames to display your memories. You can go for pine, dark cherry, or even mahogany. Beech and whitewashed wood are also popular.

Don’t: Overdo it with Wood

As much as wooden pieces of décor add a little charm to any room, try not to overdo it because it will make the room appear overwhelming, dominating, and a bit too much. Mix up the styles by choosing accessories that have glass, iron, rusted/matte metal, or fabric. For example, if you chose a side table with wooden legs, the surface can be glass.

Do: Use Large Pieces

When decorating, try to choose accessories that are large and visible. Dainty, small ones will just get lost in the décor. You want your room to pop, so think of large plant pots or vases with a rope exterior, woven baskets, or a natural wood stool. Add details that will provide drama and a distinct sense of style.

Don’t: Use any Animal Print

When you think of rustic, you think of a burst of animal prints anywhere. Rustic doesn’t mean all your accessories need to be animal-inspired; you don’t want to realize you’ve decorated a hunting cabin and not a warm and cozy home. Use faux hides that can be found naturally like sheepskin throws or cowhide rugs instead of crocodile or snakeskin – which don’t really belong with rustic styles.

Do: Add Color!

One mistake many homeowners make is not adding any touch of color in their homes, and they’re left with all brown, wooden pieces. Your décor is already white, brown, and neutral. This is when you use accessories to add a soft, neutral, or even a bold color to make your room pop. You can also opt for patterns. Think throw pillows, rugs, couch warmers, or even rustic metal lighting fixtures.


Don’t: Use New Accessories Only

New and modern accessories can flow well with rustic décor if used right. However, consider vintage elements as well because it wholeheartedly speaks the language of rustic décor. Think old typewriters, old oil lamps, or even ‘found’ objects that can enhance your country-style décor like tree logs, crate boxes, or any upcycled and repurposed object.

When it comes to decorating, rustic décor has always been timeless for its ability to blend natural materials with modern fixtures and finishes. Choose your accessories carefully to create a wonderfully decorated and gorgeous aesthetic appeal in your rooms.

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