Easy And Cheap Ways To Cozy Up Your Bedroom

A person’s bedroom is the one place that belongs to you and you only unless you are married. Nevertheless, it should be a haven of comfort, peace, and tranquility. After a long, busy day at work followed by crazy traffic and noisy kids, you need that one place you can just unwind, calm your thoughts, and just drift away to slumberland. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the coziest bedrooms because they think it’s expensive to have one. Here are 5 cheap ways to transform your bedroom into a cozy haven. 

1. Play with the lighting

One of the simplest things you can do in a bedroom that really makes a difference is adjusting the lighting. Ideally, you should do away with overhead lighting and do table lamps that can be adjusted. Better yet, buy colored bulbs or LED lights that can change the color of your bedroom to soft and cool. If you must have overhead lighting, invest in a beautiful chandelier that will make the light dimmer and add some color.

2. Invest in fluffy faux fur

Fluffy faux fur is the only way to go if you want your bedroom to look and feel cozy. Start with a fluffy rug on the floor or just go crazy and layer up a few contrasting rugs. You should also buy a fluffy faux mattress top and cover. If you don’t think it’s too much, try to have a few throw pillows that have fluffy cases. The softness of faux fur on your body will make you never want to leave that room and they look good too.

3. Go white

There is something about white that is classically cozy and calming. White makes you feel like you are in a spa and it’s also a sign of cleanliness, peace, and purity. Go crazy with white from throw pillows, sheets, duvet, towels and even the rugs on the floor. If you want to break the white a little bit, you can have floral accents on white curtains and avoid white furniture. However, if you are not a fan of white, you can still apply this trick with any other light color like blue, pink and beige.

4. Make it personal

While putting a lot of pictures in the living room is discouraged, you can do so freely in your bedroom. This is the place you want to have those memories. You can place a couple of picture frames on a side table next to the flower vase or have them hang on one wall.

5. Open up the room

Nothing can kill the mood of a bedroom than a stuffy room. It is, therefore, very important to go minimal and let air and light come into the room. Apart from removing all that extra clutter, you can also have a folding glass wall leading to the balcony or a beautiful view. When you wake up in the morning and slide open an entire wall, your room will get sufficient air and light while you stand there and allow your chicks to enjoy the morning sun.

There are so many other things you can do in your bedroom to make it feel cozier, including adding fresh flowers, scents, mirrors, and ofcourse, candle lights. The main idea, however, is that your room should not be so busy with colors and too much stuff. Just keep it minimal, clean and add your personal touch.


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