Eating Too Much and Doing Too Little

You don’t have to look hard to find the latest quick fix diet trend on the market today. Popular shows such as Dr. Oz and even your network news programs are constantly running health reports that introduce miracle drugs to help people lose weight. It might be a magical purple herb, some sort of tea to drink or the latest breakthrough in pharmaceutical prescriptions that help people lose weight. Heck, every day gastric bypass surgeries are performed in the United States, a procedure that permanently alters the physiological structure of the human body – in order to help people gain control of their weight.

And even more profound is the fact that while we are a fat nation – health and nutrition companies are capitalizing on our lack of willpower in a big way, reporting near record breaking sales on products each and every year since 2007. In an economy where most industries are suffering – the supplement business is booming.

Why? Because it is estimated that almost 40% of all adults 20 years of age and older are overweight with another 30% of the population meeting the requirements of obesity. And sadly, around 20% of all children in the United States are overweight as well. And this ‘fat world’ that we are living in which encourages us to be sedentary and otherwise lazy, very rarely requires us to take responsibility for our health and ourselves. Instead, we can now sue a company like McDonalds for serving us fattening food, or hold them accountable for controlling portion sizes that we feed our children. Or, we can go to our doctor where they will prescribe us a pill, a metabolism booster or some cure in a bottle that will enable us to lose weight without even trying. Just so we can gain it all back when the prescription runs out.

It’s ridiculous. If you looked at the numbers, well into the billions – of dollars spent and money invested on trendy diet and exercise programs, drugs and plans – you would cringe. Especially because the whole business of losing weight and being health really is not rocket science. It’s simple, common sense.

If you are fat, or overweight, or obese – you are eating too much and doing too little!

Eating TOO MUCH and DOING too Little.

You don’t need a doctor, or a pill, or a piece of exercise equipment, or a television show, an infomercial, a website or any other scam to help you out of the self inflicted mess of being overweight. All you need to so is eat less and do more. There is a reason that you are overweight. It’s because you eat too much of the wrong foods and do too little.

The human body was divinely designed to move. To walk. To run and jump, twirl and bend. But very few people utilize their body the way it was designed to. Instead of taking a walk around the neighborhood, walking up a flight of stairs, or utilizing their bodies ability to move and be healthy, people take the easy way out. If you are lazy and wont walk around your neighborhood in the evening, what makes you think that you are going to use a treadmill or follow an exercise program on DVD. You might at first, but in the end, they will simply collect dust and you will gain more weight.

Exercise is moving your body. And exercise is what burns calories, helps to metabolize fats and sugars and what helps you to create energy in every single cell in your body. Food is your energy source, your fuel and your body is your vehicle. When you put crappy gasoline in your car, your car runs poorly and the same basic analogy is true when it comes to your body. If you fill your body with garbage and fatty foods and things that you know are not good for you – your body will not be healthy and you WILL get fat.

Regardless of what sort of drug comes out on the market, or what sort of milkshake diet is invented nothing will change in your life until you realize that in order to lose weight you need to eat less and move more.

It is difficult to place the brunt of responsibility for the overweight and obesity problem on restaurants, schools or even on activities such as video games and sedentary jobs. Every single day each of us has the decision making power to change not just the food that we put into our mouths, but the amount of the food we take as well as the amount of time we spend moving our bodies. Sadly, we have become a society that is complacent and reliant upon quick fixes for all of our health problems and needs. And one of the single most prevalent health problems that we have is the desire to eat too much and do too little. In order to experience health and wellbeing, we need to treat our bodies with respect and admiration by fueling them properly and moving them accordingly. If you or someone you love is overweight, or is experiencing health problems – then following this simple advise can be life changing!



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