Effective Solutions to Parking Lot Problems for the Travelers to Reduce Traffic

Finding a spot to park in is a significant problem most motorists face each day. Following the rapid increase in demand for cars in both developing and developed countries, most cities are suffering from insufficient parking areas. The imbalance between parking demand and supply is the fundamental reason for metropolis problems. The parking imbalance issue results from ineffective land use miscalculations and poor planning of space requirements in the first stages of planning.

When people choose air travel as their mode of transportation, they are always on some kind of budget. It is, therefore, essential to find cheap airport parking lots to reduce traveling expenses. Fortunately, there is a way to compare parking rates easily online. This can take away the stress associated with finding an affordable place to park while traveling. According to, comparing different parking locations can enable you to park your car stress-free at your selected international or regional airport at the best rate. As you compare parking locations, you can also read the testimonials of people who have parked their vehicles there to make an informed decision. To significantly reduce or eliminate parking problems, both the public and private sectors can take some vital steps.

In this article, we have highlighted some possible practical solutions to parking problems.

Increasing parking supply

This is the first thing that gets to anybody’s mind when they find it difficult to get a parking spot. Property developers or managers, businesses, and local governments can build more parking facilities. This solution has the benefit of economies of scale. However, it encourages driving as opposed to using public transport. This can increase traffic and environmental impacts.

Come up with limited parking requirements

Raising parking space requirements can significantly reduce parking demand. The utilization of the zoning system is essential in this context. It is easy to implement this method in most communities by regulating development policies and existing zoning codes. It is necessary to coordinate these requirements to avoid conflict among jurisdictions in specific regions. It can increase the costs that public authorities and developers incur when offering parking space.

Subsidize off-street parking

Public resources can fund the building of more parking facilities. The funds can include discounted land, direct government funding, and tax exemptions. It increases the supply of public parking where the community prefers. However, it is inflexible and slow to implement.

Adding overflow facilities

This means having extra parking facilities when all the nearby parking spots are taken. Adding overflow facilities is a viable option when significant events are being held in a city. The plan includes policies that prioritize the use of parking information that leads motorists to available parking spaces, free transit zones, and shuttle services. Overflow facilities offer the advantage of flexibility. However, the secondary parking area can be too far from where motorists would prefer to park.

Increasing on-street parking

City planners can design and come up with more on-street parking spaces that will enable local governments to have limited parking restrictions and support parallel parking. On-street parking is visible, convenient, and cost-effective. It utilizes less land per parking space since it does not need access lanes compared to off-street parking. However, there are limits in the number of parking spaces that can be created.


Since there is no way, the government can regulate the purchase of vehicles or deny its citizens the right to own a car. We have to find solutions for increasing parking space. The local government can increase the parking supply and, in return, get more revenue. It can also encourage off-street parking by subsidizing the parking cost and discourage on-street parking by increasing the price.

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