Electric Cars, Are They Really the Future?

Many people have been questioning whether electric cars are the way of the future. Well, we will look into the facts to find the answer. In reality, electric engines (EE) have an immense advantage over the internal combustion engines (ICE).

The EEs keep the air clean due to their ability to not produce any exhaust gases. This is one of the many reasons more and more countries are preferring electric. At the moment, we do have electric vehicles driven by lithium-ion batteries on the road, but only a small portion are on the road.

Let us now find the answer to the question of whether electric cars are the future.

Utilise Renewable Energy Sources

Now, if we assess the eastern US states, then we will come across the revelation that the electricity comes from the coal-fired power stations.  If we are keen to adopt the concept of electric cars, then it is essential that we promote electricity from renewable energy sources. For example, hydroelectric and solar sources can be the perfect example of renewable energy.

If we use renewable electricity sources for electric cars, then this will have a substantial impact on the environment, and the concept of electric cars will undoubtedly last.

Make use of the next Generation of Batteries

What we really need to see in the next generation is a battery able to be charged up in a matter of minutes. Such a thing as that would be another way the electric cars could make a huge impact.

Introduce the Concept of Electric Charging Stations

If any country intends to introduce the idea of electric cars and make it successful, then it will be mandatory to establish electric charging stations. At the moment there are only a few electric charging stations in states like California.

Now, if we as a world enhance our study and pursuit, there is the chance, studies have shown, that the number of electric cars on the road will increase to incredible amounts of close to 530 million by 2040. The environment will surely change for the best, and fuel prices will be reduced to almost nothing.

At this point in history, if we assess the fuel expense of an average gasoline vehicle, it is about $1117 a year. On the contrary, you will need about $485 to run your electric car. The cost difference is massive, so the electric vehicle will suit us nicely.

At the moment people have misconceptions of electric cars. It is critical that these misconceptions are cleared as soon as possible, because they may hinder future growth.

Some people believe that electric cars lack the amount of range that fuelled vehicles have. If you do not do heavy towing, or anything super heavy-duty, then the range your electric vehicle doesn’t really need to be that great. As users, we should try to gain awareness of the electric car, so that we might evaluate how these cars can change our life for the better.

What can be predicted at this point in time is, once the concept of electric cars is in full swing, it may lead to all-out electric car wars, which you can read more about on The tech-lover countries may race against each other to build the best of the best.

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