Electric Smoker Troubleshooting: How to get it Fixed?

Outdoor cooking is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. It helps you to enjoy time with your friends and family while eating great food. Speaking of Outdoor cooking, you can’t forgive BBQ. It makes an excellent menu.

But what if your Smoker breaks down? Yes, its possible the device gives up on the big day. So, it would be wise if you learn how to fix it yourself. Following, we are going to help you!

The Smoker Doesn’t Start

Check the power plug, make sure it’s inserted properly in the outlet. Ensure all connections are held properly. Make sure the power breaker didn’t trip. Check the fuse, and see if it needs replacing.

Smoker is Jammed or Damaged

It’s not uncommon that the device got damaged, and this affected the efficiency. Following, we are describing the possible reasons along with their solutions.

Something Got Stuck

There is a high chance that loose wood chips got trapped in the smoker. If this is the case, then your smoker won’t work. So, clean the smoker after every use and make sure there are no wood chips left behind. Get rid of the chips to make sure your smoker works properly.

Soft Wood

Softwood can damage your smoker. Avoid using Pine or Fir. Only stick to Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Maple, and Plum. These are great for the smoker, and you can easily find them in grocery or hardware. You can also buy them online.


Rust can hinder a smoker’s ability to smoke your meat properly. Rust is perhaps the archenemy of appliances. Therefore, check for rust every time you clean the smoker. Scrape it away because it can break down your device. Keep looking for rust formation and wipe it off using sandpaper or even a wire brush.

The Smoker Doesn’t Smoke Properly

Yes, it’s possible the smoker doesn’t produce enough smoke. It’s a major red flag, and you should look into it. Here are two possible reasons along with their solutions.

Give it Enough Time

You should give the electric smoker enough time to heat up. Preheating is very important to smoke food properly. To learn their specs, read Electric Smokers Reviews From Cookout Pal.

Keep at Consistent Level

The normal operating temperature is 200-250 degrees. So, you should expect the temperature to rise above 250 at a consistent level. Give the device more time after you put on the meat. This will help the device reach its peak temperature once again.

When you cook, close the damper to keep heat from escaping. Make sure the smoker isn’t placed somewhere windy. Wind will disrupt the effectiveness of your device!

Don’t Overburden the Smoker

It’s common that people complain about unevenly cooked food. How much food you put in the smoker is a deciding factor. Every device has an output limit. Therefore, if you overburden the smoker, it will ruin the meat.

Overburdening your device also affects its lifespan. Therefore, if you want to keep the smoker in good shape, you should respect the maximum capacity.

It makes sense to learn how to fix things around your house, but you better keep watch. Don’t wait for something to break down to get it fixed. This costs you in the long run.

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