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Emeril Power Air Fryer: Its Unique Features That Will Give You a Run for Your Money

Out goes to the stationary oven that didn’t help much when you had a function outside your home, and in comes the Emeril Power Air Fryer that only uses 1,500 watts of power to prepare your assorted meals. For an appliance that small, it is amazing how many functions it can perform at the click of a button.

Below are some pretty unique features which will give you a run for your money:

  1. 5 Heating Methods at 360

This powerful kitchen appliance can fry, bake, steam, and heat food as long as you meet the pre-set conditions. This customized oven has taken the place of seven different appliances which made the kitchen space look pretty small.

  1. Easy-to-comprehend 12 Pre-Set Smart Buttons

Once you purchase this product, you will be required to read through the user manual to discover how to assemble, pre-set and cook. The words represent various international languages which any layman can understand. Once the cooking comes to a halt, it will automatically shut off to prevent burning your food. Moreover, it has a memory feature that remembers the last Pre-set and temperature so that you don’t have to master how much time your food has taken to cook.

  1. Durable stainless Steel Cooking Trays

Whether you want to prepare a simple meal for the two of you or you want to surprise the family during the holidays, the oven has three cooking trays to accommodate enough food. With multiple airflow racks, the trays will rotate at 360 degrees to ensure all the food is evenly cooked.

If you are worried about rust, then you are using the wrong product as the trays are made of stainless steel. Besides being durable, they are easy to clean.

  1. Little to No Oil Technology

When Emeril Air fryer was being customized, developers had trimmer waistline in mind. Using a tablespoon of oil or less, you can get crunchy, crispy fried food that will leave your family guessing what else you have in store for them.

  1. It is Portable

Weighing only 21lbs, the countertop oven allows you to prepare meat and chicken-eating festivals for large families or gatherings as opposed to traditional ones. As soon as you identify a power source, you need to plug it in to start the cooking process.


The world is too complicated to worry about weight every time you want to indulge in your favorite meal. The 360 degrees heat technology operates using a whirlwind of compressed air to prepare your fat-free meal. From the look of things, people will start having trimmer waistlines if they keep embracing this type of technology. So, go out and get that chicken or meat you have always wanted to prepare and surprise your family this Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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