Enigma of Colors – How Different Paint Colors Appeal Your Emotions

The science of colors is amazing! You don’t know why some days you feel like wearing bright colors and other days, light colors satisfy your aesthetics, but it happens. That is how colors and your mood interplay with each other. Bright colors trigger different psychological feel; dull colors have their own emotional appeal; warm colors create different vibes, and cool colors can evoke different feelings.

Every color has a different wavelength which impacts humans mood differently. The science of colors is not just constraint to the colors of your clothes; the color of walls also have an impact on your mood. You walk into an office for an interview tinted in serene green, and you feel your tensed nerves calming. Or you walk into a room painted in dark lilac hue, and you suddenly feel energized.

It might be a coincidence, and due to some other factors, but some psychological studies indicate that colors around you have a huge impact on your mood.

Here are given some colors which you can choose as per the mood you want to instigate in the room:

Warm colors – Trigger Your Passion:

Nothing adds energy and excitement in your dull day than stepping in a warm colors hued room. Warm colors have a longer wavelength, and they trigger feelings of excitement, positivity, energy, power, and happiness.

That is why many brands have incorporated warm colors in their branding to trigger people’s excitement right on point.

Shades of red, orange, and yellow are considered as warm colors, and they pulsate your heart on exciting rhythms. So, if you want a room that uplifts your dull mood, then color your wall with warm colors Paysons painting.

Cool Colors – Dip in Serenity:

Cool colors have some serene powers, and they inculcate calmness and soothing sensations. These colors have a shorter wavelength, and when this wavelength enters the brain through eyes, it triggers hormones which pacify and relax the mind and body.

Green, blue and purple are considered as cool colors, and a room splashed with these colors can wash away the tiredness of your whole day. That’s why some doctors recommend you to change the shade of your room with cool colors if you feel difficulty in sleeping. Cool colors will relax your mind, and it will help you to slip in your sweet dreams.

Neutral Colors – Perfect for Balance:

Black, gray, tan, brown and white are called neutral colors which don’t fall in color wheel and are mostly used as base colors. If you don’t want too much vibrancy in your room, then you can break too much bright feeling by bringing a shade of neutral color on one wall. This way, you can balance out the color of the room.

Neutral colors are also good to add some shade to your monotone room without going over the board or overshadowing the main color of the room.


Colors have their own enigma and magic! And they can sprinkle a bit of their magic in your life as well if you understand their enigma. It isn’t difficult! Just learn how different colors affect your mood and how they appeal your behavior, and their enigma will unfold. Simple!

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