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Everything You Should Know About Vaping and Its Effects

Vaping is trending nowadays and many people choose to vape, especially as an alternative to smoking. The vapor is produced by a device such as an electronic cigarette, and users get to inhale and exhale the vapor. Since there is no smoke, vaping is relatively harmless for your health. Let’s discuss the basic details about vaping.

An alternative to smoking

Vaping is ideals for smokers who want to quit. According to several studies, vaping actually helps reduce the need for cigarettes. Almost 25% of those who replaced smoking with vaping managed to give up cigarettes completely.

Compared to cigarette smoke, the vapors from e-cigarettes and other devices are no that toxic. When researchers analysed the compounds, they couldn’t find any apparent risk to human health. Additionally, vape devices are safer because you don’t have to deal with fire, and they are also more convenient because they are allowed anywhere.

Don’t combine smoking and vaping

It is not recommended that you use both vaping devices and cigarettes, because this might be really dangerous for your health. That is because you will end up putting too much nicotine in your body. With cigarettes, there is a regular dose for each cigarette. If you also vape, your body will find it hard to tell when you have had enough nicotine.

In severe cases you might end up dealing with a nicotine overdose, which is the last thing that you want. There are plenty of negative symptoms, including vomiting, headaches, dizziness and nausea.

Choose the nicotine level

For ex-smokers the nicotine level is very important. You can find e-juice with different levels of nicotine, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg. It is up to you to choose how much nicotine you want. For those who want none, there are also e-juices that come without nicotine. However, for chain smokers, juice with a high level of nicotine is also available on the market. If you are not sure which level you should choose, you can find out by trying different ones.

If you used to smoke you can judge the nicotine level that you need based on how many cigarettes you used to smoke. For example, those who smoked more than a pack each day will need minimum 18 mg. However, in time you will notice that your body will want less nicotine so you might lower the levels.

Finally, the device that you use also influences the level of nicotine. If you choose a powerful mod there will be more nicotine per shot, while an e-cigarette doesn’t deliver that much nicotine.


The liquid used for vaping uses Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, and it also contains small doses of nicotine. Other than that, the vaping liquid comes with different flavorings, and you get to choose any taste that you like.

It is important to choose a flavor that you enjoy, because this can define your entire vaping experience. If you do not know where to start you can try these delicious flavorings. There are various combinations that you can make as well. You can combine different flavors and create something different.


Modding began when vaping users decided to mod battery packs, and eventually this became a huge thing in the community. Mods are very popular because they allow vapers to customize everything. Mod vapes usually have the same components: battery mod, tank, wick, coil, atomizer and mouthpiece (or drip tip).

The usual battery is a rechargeable one, and it might also show important details such as the ohms, wattage and temperature. The tank holds your e-juice and the wick is used to absorb it and carry it to the coil, which then heats it. You can buy the wick and the coil in a pack named “replacement coil”, or you can build your own wick and coil.

The mouthpiece is the part that you use to smoke. This component is very customizable as well and you should find various designs for the drip tip. The material for this also varies, from plastic, to steel or glass. Finally, an atomizer represents a wick, tank, coil and drip tip. This means that you get the whole pack and you just have to attach it to a battery.

Choosing a mod

During this stage you will need to find out exactly what you want from your vaping device. For example, some want big clouds of vapor, while others prefer a strong flavor. If you have some basic mechanical skills and electrical knowledge you might enjoy building your own parts, while other prefer pre-made elements. The cost can also be an important factor.

Finding a device

If you want to purchase a device, you should decide what you want from it. For example, those who do not want to draw too much attention can use cigalikes. They are very similar to cigarettes when it comes to aspect. There are disposable cigalikes as well, which means that you have to throw them away once you are done. However, you might end up wasting a lot of money with these.

Is Vaping Dangerous?

Vaping is definitely not as harmful as smoking is. Nonetheless, you might ask yourself whether there is a risk? Vaping still has its risks, although minor ones, and that is why the FDA does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to purchase vapes.

Another danger related to vaping are explosions. Many vaping devices have exploded after their batteries became overcharged or overheated. Batteries are placed next to the heating coil so you must make sure that you buy a device that is not poorly constructed. You should also be extra careful when it comes to charging your vaping device.

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