Expecting Soon? 10 Useful Tips To Prepare Your House For a Baby

Is your due date fast approaching? The arrival of a baby is usually accompanied by excitement and inevitable nervousness. While you will figure out a lot of it as you go, there are certain things that need to be prepared ahead of time, your house being one of those things.

The earlier you start, the better it is. In the later stages of pregnancy, even the simplest physical tasks will feel strenuous. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting the house ready for the little one.

  1. Do a Deep Cleaning
    Deep cleaning the house is necessary to sterilize it and eliminate germs. Right from the kitchen to the baby nursery, make sure every corner is thoroughly clean. Instead of exhausting yourself, it would be best to ask your family or hire cleaners to do the job.
  2. Get a Mini-Fridge
    During the initial months, a newborn exclusively consumes a liquid diet. Storing baby bottles in the kitchen refrigerator is one option. But do you really want to run back and forth from the kitchen when your baby is crying in the middle of the night?
  3. Make feeding convenient by getting a mini-fridge for the nursery. You should also consider buying a bottle warmer to quickly heat up refrigerated milk.
    Also your energy needs are likely to increase, it would also be helpful to compare gas and electric plans and choose a competitively-priced plan, helping keep the family budget down.
  4. Spruce Up Guest Room
    Whether you’re planning to have a night nurse or your mum staying over for some time to help with the baby, you should prepare a room for their stay. Rather than scurrying at the last minute to find linens or pillows, make sure the guest room is ready.
  5. Start Baby Proofing
    You might think that it’s too early to think about childproofing the house, but babies grow much faster than you’d expect. Soon they will be grabbing and crawling. Properly tuck away all cables, cover sockets, and install safety locks on cabinets.
  6. Upgrade Laundry Basket
    A baby is a soiling machine. You should expect to have a mound of dirty clothes every day. Remember to get an expandable laundry basket with compartments to easily separate different items.
  7. Buy a White Noise Machine
    Contrary to what you might believe, a baby doesn’t need pin-drop silence to fall asleep. If you live in a particularly quiet neighbourhood, you should definitely buy a white noise machine. White noises comfort newborns and lull them into a deep sleep.
  8. Install Right Lighting
    Lighting is an important element for a baby nursery. Avoid installing harsh lights, rather go for soft lighting that can be dimmed. As babies have to be fed every 2-3 hours, you’ll be up at all hours. To ensure this doesn’t drive up your electricity bills, check out Red Energy rates for affordable plans.
  9. Get a Rocking Chair
    A rocking chair is another thing that will come in quite handy to make your baby fall asleep.
  10. Plenty of Storage
    All the new baby clothes, toys, bottles, machines, and so on need storage space. Unless you want to be constantly surrounded by clutter, make sure you find suitable storage solutions for the nursery.
  11. Free Up Space
    Apart from the nursery, you need to free up space in other areas of the house as well. In the kitchen, empty a cabinet to store all bottles, feeders, pacifiers, and so on.

The Bottom Line
By taking care of these things in advance, you can relax and focus on taking the best care of your newborn. Being a new parent can be quite overwhelming. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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