Expressing Yourself in Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile is, before anything else, a form of a personal online marketing document. This is good because it allows you to present yourself in the best possible light. At the same time, this is bad because everyone on the Internet knows this is the most sanitized, perfect-looking version of you that’s humanly possible. Since no one is completely open and honest, there’s an implication of, “What’s the catch?”

The big trick when you write your online profile is that the “catch” isn’t a dealbreaker to the type of person you’re hoping to attract. You have to express who you really are, what you really want, and what you really bring to the table. This can be difficult because the entire world seems fixated on having you to try and appeal to a mystical group called “everyone.” Fortunately, there are ways to be genuinely expressive in your online personal profile.

Forget Everyone

The idea of “forgetting everyone” doesn’t mean you should never think of anyone. In fact, the concept of forgetting everyone essentially means you should ignore the notion of trying to target everyone. The online world is essentially a presentation of who you are and what you’re going after. This is going to be very individual.

When it comes right down to it, you’re either looking for a relatively small group of people to have fun with, or a single person to marry and be with for a very long time. To attract this particular group, whoever they may be, you have to be willing to offend and turn off a large segment of the population. You have to be ready and willing to say and show things about yourself that will be enjoyable and exciting to a small group that you actually want, while being off-putting to the many groups that you don’t want.

Be Unafraid

Plenty of people are obsessed with a strange notion of what they “should” want. Whether it be their home, their car, their job, their friends, or their significant other, many people walk around with a notion of what they think other people want them to want. This is why they ignore their desires, suppress them, and walk around unhappy because they’re not pursuing their real passions.

When you want to talk to and date black singles, by all means, pursue your own goal and your personal highest level of joy. If you go around only dating a particular group or a specific race because you consider them to be socially acceptable, you’re essentially allowing strangers and acquaintances to determine how you’ll live your life. You need to state flat out the type of people you’re seeking, and be unafraid of being ostracized for this.

It’s true that this is the 21st century, and hatred should be long gone. Unfortunately, there are still going to be hateful people. No matter what they say, express the real you and seek the people you’ll really be happy with.



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