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Extracurricular Activities help Students Widen their Horizon

Throughout the year, the school activity can be demanding and students might feel tired or stressed. A good solution to get out of the daily routine is to get involved in extracurricular activities. Some students might say that this is a waste of their free time, but those who have experience in this area say that these activities are a good way to learn while having fun.

If you were to write a benefits of extracurricular activities essay, you’d probably tend to be subjective and express your opinion on the matter. Truth be told, you wouldn’t be wrong, but the fact is that extracurricular activities have some proven benefits and support the student’s professional development. In addition, they can bring higher scores in your college application.

You have a lot of options, so think about what you like to do in your free time

Routine can affect your motivation and interest for school, but you can break this boring circle by starting some extracurricular activities. You can choose something connected to your hobbies or favourite subjects and decide if you want to participate in activities organized by your school or other places from the community.

  1. Volunteering

This is one of the most popular free time actions, but schools promote it in their programs also. You can support various causes or just one, according to your values and beliefs. Volunteering activities can be organized by the community, you school or run by different NGOs. These programs help you get better scores in your college application and have some experience when you apply for a job.

2. Clubs

Clubs are other popular extracurricular activities. It’s easy to find one even in your high school, because they can reach every subject you can think of: books, films, science and more. They offer you the possibility to learn in a practical, fun way and make new friends with the same interests.

3. Sports

Sport has always been a popular activity, both in school and outside it. Of course, it requires a lot of hard work, but you forget about every sacrifice when you efforts are rewarded with an important prize and public admiration.

If you are not in your high school’s sports team already, it might get difficult to get in, because the competition is hard, but you could join a rec league, if you feel that sport is your call. In addition, you stay in shape and get extra points when you apply for higher education.

4. A part time job

When you have a job, you get your own money and this increases your self-esteem. You don’t have to wait for your parents to give you some money to go out with your friends. Another important aspect is experience. You become more prepared to get a job after you finish your education and employers will be more willing to take you in. Also, you can develop some contacts that might facilitate your employment process after graduation.

We mentioned only a few examples, but there are more extracurricular activities to choose from. With all things considered, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy your high school years, because they are never coming back.

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