Face it! You Need to Lose Weight

According to a National Institute of Health study conducted in 2010, we are living in a world that has lost sight of realty when it comes to health and wellness. According to the study 2 out of every 3 people in North America is considered clinically overweight based on a detailed information and demographics. Children, adults, and people of all ethnic backgrounds have fallen prey to the super sized society of eating too much. And the majority of the foods that people eat on a daily basis have nothing to do with sustaining health and are suspected of contributing to around 85% of all common medical problems today.

Here’s the thing. You are likely one of them. Each year you have to buy new jeans because you outgrow the old ones. You step on the scale and attribute those extra five pounds to aging. Instead of going for a walk or bike ride, you sit on the couch and watch television. We all have all sorts of excuses of why we don’t look better, feel better, eat better, or exercise more. And in the meantime, we are becoming fatter and fatter. Even sadder, is that it has become rude or a violation of political correctness to even use the word ‘fat’ to describe someone these days – and overweight people feel victimized.

But by who? Who is to blame for you being overweight? Isn’t it time to face it and realize that you need to lose weight?

According to market research, the weight loss industry is booming. Nearly 70% of society is looking for the next best weight loss, quick fix. Products that claim to reduce weight are selling at all time highs despite a looming economy. And right along with those sky rocketing sales numbers are the fast food and processed food companies that are maintaining record profits on a yearly basis. So whom are we kidding?

We cannot even blame our being overweight on a lack of information anymore. Schools and government programs across the globe are being regulated by the food and drug administration reducing caloric and salt intake in order to fight off the obesity among the people.

The problem is that the one person who can actually make a change is YOU! The people buying the bigger pants and filling their freezer with junk food, the ones scouring the internet for a quick fix to their weight problem is precisely the same person who can make a change. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see – it is your personal responsibility to do something about it. Information about how to lose weight, and keep weight off is everywhere. It’s no secret that burning more calories through exercise than you intake is the ONLY way to successfully loose weight. Unfortunately, too many people are stuck blaming others for their problems and making excuses for being overweight in order to remain complacent.

Instead of wearing sweat pants because nothing else you own fits you – shouldn’t you be wearing them to exercise? Instead of sitting down with a bag of chips, shouldn’t you be snacking on an apple? Instead of using your lunch hour to consume 2000 calories at the local wings place, couldn’t you eat a salad and spend 20 minutes walking? Instead of looking in the mirror and beating yourself up, or sabotaging your confidence – couldn’t you make a firm decision to actually do something about your weight problem?

All it takes to make a change in your life is one simple decision. The next step is to stop blaming everyone and everything for your problems and take responsibility for your life and your weight.

There are millions upon millions of success stories about people who lose weight. The only thing that makes those people different from you – or anyone else is that they woke up one day and looked in the mirror and realized that they HAD TO MAKE a change. They took responsibility. They stopped using excuses about being tired, or not having enough time, or not having the money to join a gym and they started making changes.

Losing weight is not about taking off a few pounds. It is about changing your lifestyle, and deciding to live a life that is conducive to a healthy body and mind. It is about making a decision that your overall health and well-being is more important than anything else is, and about taking care of you.

Take this as a silent and polite reminder that your jeans are not getting tighter because you are getting older. Your face is not rounder because you got your mothers genes. You are not getting heavier and unhealthier because you are a victim of bad luck or misfortune. These things are happening because you are making bad choices. The good news is that the easiest way to make a change, is to change your choices – one small step at a time.



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