Failure Is Not Your Final Story

Failure Is Not Your Final Story

7 Ways to Redefine Failure

Fretting over failure is a frightening way to miss out on your own destiny, so reframe your thoughts to move forward from failure.

Feeling frustrated, disappointed, or like you are incompetent are all natural reactions to any fall in life. You must not stay stalled—restart pursuing your dreams.

Interpreting past failures as merely part of the process to succeed will inevitably open up new avenues towards success.

Push past the parameters of a fear-to-fail mindset. Stop focusing on staying stuck in failure, and stop telling yourself that you will never get beyond this one failed attempt. Or even many failed attempts.

It’s absolutely not true. You can succeed, and you will.

Life is a continuum of cliffhangers, so quickly turn the page and set your sights towards the next chapter in your life. Step forward with the intent to succeed.

Redefine failure to transform your future:

  1. Refuse failure by recognizing that each failed attempt is merely a stepping stone towards success.
  2. Consider failure as a new oppor­tunity to try again with a more enlightened approach.
  3. Remember sometimes, we learn and grow more from the failed attempts than from our successes.
  4. Try again using what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown from each past experience.
  5. Don’t drag failure forward by holding tightly to self-defeating thoughts.
  6. Stop stewing in sorrow over previous disappointments—start again!
  7. Wipe the slate clean of mistakes, and declare success over each area of your life.

So, please, set your pride aside. Be the hero in your story. It is imperative to angle each failed situation away from your heart, so you don’t assume the role of a victim. Feeling frustrated, disappointed, or like you are incompetent are all natural reactions to any fall in life.

An unwritten ending never sees what truly could have been, only a game of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, and much regret.

Do not stand in your own way of success with the limiting belief that your story is over just because you didn’t succeed on your first or even your eleventh try. Rise up and greet success, for failure is not your final story.

You have amazing accom­plishments in your future. Make your life a story of the ages.

Kelley CunninghamKelley Cunningham s author of The Power Of Joy -The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Live Ever. She has become popularly known as a Joy expert, begin invited on numerous podcasts, T.V and radio interviews across North America. With a degree in Sociology and iPEC certification as a Transformational Life Coach, Kelley Cunningham is creator, owner, and CJO (Chief Joy Officer) of JoyINC., a solution-focused coaching company that partners with people to achieve their life goals and beyond. She also volunteers as a global mentor and is co-founder of Joyful Children’s Home: a orphanage in Uganda.




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