Feel the Freedom to Live Unleashed

Feel the Freedom to Live Unleashed

Four Secrets to Remove Fear and Limitations from Your Life

Creating your best life and having the most success in your endeavors is perennially the driving force behind everything we do. Being the best version of ourselves is a universal goal but remains inexplicably elusive and impossible to maintain. Top neuroscientists have discovered that the key to success lies within the subconscious mind. They estimate that 95% of reality creation comes from our subconscious mind and that are thinking mind has very little effect on the reality we create for ourselves. It’s a stunning discovery that demands significantly deeper investigation and conscious understanding.

What this remarkable discovery suggests is almost all our actions and behaviors are being directed by a hidden aspect of our mind. An area shrouded in mystery that none of us have conscious access to. This strongly suggests the programmed subconscious mind is the reason why tangible, lasting transformation, and the great change we desire in our lives is extremely difficult if not near impossible. Most of us find ourselves, even with great effort at self-improvement, falling back into old patterns with similar results in every facet of our lives. The redundancy and limitations of the hamster wheel of life is real and breaking free of it cannot be done with just the thinking mind.

What ends up happening when we try to overcome our fears and limitations is severe frustration with our lack of success. We end up with all too familiar limiting results. We grow despondent, angry, and often hold ourselves in contempt. These feelings of self-loathing and inadequacy bleed into our personal relationships, business endeavors, and self-care. This inner paralysis creates tremendous dissatisfaction and entropy in our lives. Soon enough, we develop the limiting belief that we are just not good enough or worthy of real success.

All attempts at self-improvement and empowerment begins to feel pointless, scary, and extremely self-defeating. Success and freedom are what you deeply desire for yourself – and perhaps for your family – but all the previous defeats to your will have left you already defeated before you even start. Opportunities for freedom, self-growth, and great success have turned into a harrowing, overwhelming, and unattainable achievement.

Here are some ways to instantly shift from fear and limitations to real freedom and tangible empowerment:

  1. Practice Daily: See overcoming fears and limitations as a “practice” rather than an action. Practice means you do it daily like how you brush your teeth. An example of fear fear and limitation might be not participating in something that you have a sincere interest in. Notice the ‘get out of jail free card’ you use to keep yourself locked in fear and limitation. For example, it could be ‘I’m too busy, or I can’t afford it, or what if I’m not good at it.’ Remove that one ‘go to’ justification you use to keep yourself small, fearful, and limited and watch what happens.
  2. Shift your inner perception: Removing fear and limitations is really the letting go of the harsh inner critic (the egoic mind). By being present and flowing (even in the doing state) you align and attune to the limitless True Self. Rather than being the people pleaser, martyr, or whatever role you have misidentified your perfect limitless self with, see yourself as the unbounded awareness of the voice in your head… not the voice itself. The painter is not the painting. This will free you up and empower you to step outside the confines of the fear and limitations of the egoic mind.
  3. Question the Questioner: Breaking free of life-long limitation and fear can be terrifying and seems impossible. That is because your self-talk – the voice in your head – is literally the spell you put over yourself. Instead of obeying that looped limitation program that runs by thinking, simply question the questioner. When you feel scared about changing your life, just ask yourself, ‘who is that feel scared?’ The answer will be, ‘me. I’m the one who feel scared. Then ask yourself, “who am I?’ Your mind will go blank. That’s because you’re not the voice in your head – it’s just looped fear and limitation – and you never have to be the warden of your own mental prison again.
  4. Imagination: The actions, habits, and behaviors that we perform repeatedly are entrained within the grooves of our brain. These neural wirings become the pathways that dictate the flow of our energy. It can feel impossible to generate and maintain the energetic inertia to reroute our energy and maintain that new momentum. You can transcend that exhausting process by asking yourself one simple yet profound question… What else is possible for me? Allow the limitless imagination of True Self to makes itself known. Feel the tangible rush of excitement and empowerment. That is the door to walk to burst through with vigor and bold confidence.

Removing fear and limitations – when approached from a higher consciousness perspective – and anchored by easily understandable and actionable steps – will be your catalyst to unleash your exponential growth and limitless prosperity.

RJ Spina is a metaphysical teacher and healer who overcame permanent chest-down paralysis and disease. He offers courses and programs on self-healing, self-realization, meditation, manifestation, and self-mastery. These enlightened teachings are outlined in his bestselling first book, Supercharged Self-Healing and Change Your Mind. RJ lives in Canandaigua, New York, with his partner, Amara, and Jack Russell/ Chihuahua, Sophia. For more information visit www.ascendthefrequencies.com.



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