Fertility Supplements

For many women the idea of pregnancy and childbirth is a dream come true. Not all are lucky enough to be able to conceive with ease and despite concerted efforts, fertility is not something that should ever be taken for granted. For these couples, fertility supplements and treatments offer glimmers of hope and promise that the future may bring them the child that they dream of. Unfortunately, there are many people who take advantage of this state of desperation and desire offering false hope and products that are not tested or proven to work.

Obviously, if you are having problems conceiving you want to take the least invasive and less costly route before seeking medical and surgical intervention. Many fertility supplements on the market have helped women conceive naturally by offering herbal blends and other ingredients intended to correct hormonal imbalance that may be leading to infertility.

First, it is important to understand what makes a woman fertile. In order to conceive, estrogen and progesterone production has to be intact. A monthly cycle involves menstruation and around 14 days later ovulation where one egg is released from one ovary. Normally the ovaries rotate every month. Some women may only have one egg producing ovary meaning that their chances of conceiving every month are low. It is also necessary that healthy eggs be produced and that these eggs are free to make their way through the fallopian tubes to the uterus for fertilization. Any blockages in this path can lead to infertility. You also have to have healthy and vibrant sperm that are strong enough to penetrate the egg and make the journey into the uterus. For some couples, it is the sperm and not the eggs that are the problem. Once an egg is fertilized it needs a healthy uterus and proper levels of progesterone in order for the pregnancy to take hold. It is not difficult to understand where so many things can go wrong and if any one of these processes is malfunctioning, getting pregnant can be difficult.

The fertility supplements on the market that are intended to help issues for both men and women. Many of these contain an herbal remedy called vitex or chasteberry that have been linked to helping with fertility issues. The blends will also normally contain L-carnitine which is an amino acid linked to better reproductive health. For women who do not experience normal periods or who have a hormonal imbalance these are great first options to try. It is recommended that they be taken for about 8 weeks along with nutritional supplements in order to have an optimal environment for pregnancy. Vitex in particular is noted to regulate the hormones that cause ovulation and menstruation balancing estrogen and progesterone. If a women has been diagnosed with ovulatory problems vitex may offer just the boost that they need. It is also recommended for women coming off of routine birth control to speed up the process of normal ovulation so that pregnancy can be realized.

Fertility supplements should contain two essential vitamins as well. Vitamins C and E have a cleansing effect on the body and serve as antioxidants to repair the body on a cellular level. In several clinical trials, vitamin E taken by both the man and woman increased the ability to conceive by 26%. Vitamin E is considered an optimal nutrient in the reproductive health of both men and women. Additionally, any woman trying to conceive should take plenty of folate in the form of folic acid to reduce the chance of birth defects in her baby. Obstetricians recommend that folic acid be taken 3 months prior to conception and through the first trimester of pregnancy.

For men, the most notable fertility supplement is L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine in combination with vitamin E has been proven to speed and strengthen both sperm production and mobility making them more effective at reaching and penetrating the egg. If you are not sure whether the problem lies with the male or female in the relationship you should seek out fertility supplements designed for both men and women.

Basically, before getting pregnant both men and women should take a constructive look at their health. Conception is ideal when both the man and the woman are not using any addictive substances such as tobacco or alcohol and when they are at their optimal weight and fitness level. Taking vitamins for all over body function support, exercising, drinking water and making your health a priority can go a long way in restoring the natural balance essential to reproductive success. If this doesn’t work the next step may be to try some of the herbal fertility supplements before seeking the often expensive and grueling intervention of a specialist. It should also be noted that stress can play a role in dampening reproduction. Excessive worry about conceiving and depression about your inability to conceive can play a role in fertility issues. There are many couples who try for years to get pregnant without success and find that once they gave up ‘trying’” pregnancy just happened. The key thing to remember is that your dreams will certainly be realized at some point. Consider your own health a priority first and talk to your doctor about over the counter herbal fertility supplements before embarking on a plan of your own to ensure that it is safe. If your specific problem can be pinpointed by a physician, you can use fertility supplements that are designed exactly for that problem saving yourself a lot of time with trial and error and unnecessary supplements.



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