Finding Peace in Chaos

4 Strategies for Keeping Sane Through Change

Change is inevitable: relationships and roles end, jobs disappear, business deals fall apart, finances become strained, family and friends move away, illnesses or disabilities erode health, loved ones die, and life as you knew it can transform overnight. Mine did as I navigated through chaotic times for many years when my husband was stricken with a mysterious, disabling illness.

Keeping your energy up and stress level down through these shifts is vital for your well-being, health, and peace of mind. Let these strategies guide you through times of change.

  1. Focus on resiliency: When life throws you a curve, acknowledge “what is,” and accept the likely cascade of emotional responses that coincide with change. Avoid getting entwined in a mental “victim trap” or exclaiming, “I can’t handle this!” Discard any negative thoughts about your abilities. Remember your true identity—you are filled with unlimited wisdom and power to manage your changing circumstances. Consciously choose how you wish to experience your life from this point forward. Meet each experience with courage and confidence, empowered with thoughts that positive solutions.

After reviewing a situation and considering your options, listen to your heart for greater clarity. Whether a gentle tug or a powerful push, those signals are hotwired to the seat of your soul to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Set daily intentions: Start your morning with positive thoughts of how you choose to experience your day. Your intentions are key to creating your experiences. Keep focused on this throughout your day, especially when your reactions to people and situations might derail your best intentions.

Stay focused on living the moments of each day in alignment with your highest ideals and desires. Being true to your intentions creates a greater sense of calm and productivity even amidst the chaos.

  1. Commit to an attitude of gratitude: Cultivate an appreciation for things you may have taken for granted. This is especially important during times of turmoil, when you may be tempted to focus on what’s not working, what’s not happening, or the losses that coincide with change. Count your blessings, not your burdens. Be thankful for the time, kindness and support you receive from others. These gifts are grace in action and magnetize more when you’re projecting an attitude of gratitude.

It may seem impossible to embrace gratitude when you’re feeling lonely, depressed, frightened, or abandoned. However, this is exactly the time to count your blessings. When your heart is aching, your body hurting, or your bank account overdrawn, focus on what you do have. You may not have the whole enchilada but savor the servings of what is heaped upon your plate. By concentrating on the haves, rather than the have-nots, you will generate the positive energy necessary for greater good and abundance to flow.

  1. Tap support systems and connections: Supportive relationships are a powerful, life-enhancing resource. They contribute to our well-being, self-esteem, health, and quality of life, serving as a vital lifeline through times of change. Supportive friends and therapists act as sounding boards, helping you pierce through layers of emotion, frustration, and confusion to reveal your own inner wisdom. Call upon your network of support when you’re feeling discouraged, depressed, or downhearted.

During times of transitions, you may need more than an ordinary level of support to protect your energy reserves. Consider outsourcing maintenance issues around your home, garden, accounting, and other responsibilities while you focus on other priorities. Accept that you can’t do it all and hire help.

Ask for help when needed, accept help when offered. This is a vital sanity-saving strategy, especially when you cannot muster the energy to deal with one more thing. Make a list of needs, and either ask for help or accept it graciously when people ask how they can be of service. People want to do something but not sure what you need, and willing to serve and glad to have direction. Their kindness, generosity, and support provide a lifesaving gift of grace.

Keeping centered on strategies that support your goal of peaceful living require a daily commitment. Although life can indeed become overwhelming at times, these will assist you in navigating the rockiest of waters.

As a wellness champion, Sandra Strauss is passionate to inspire destinies of health, harmony, and happiness. She offers a collection of strategies in her books, presentations, and blog to support vibrant health and wellbeing. She is the author of A Toxic BrainRevelations from a Health Journey, including seeking answers of her husband’s bizarre symptoms and all the unexpected realities of navigating his chronic illness.




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