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How to fix Your Damaged Valuables

Everyone has something they love that’s been damaged. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, family heirloom, or tech device, nothing stays new forever. But there are ways to make your old valuables seem like new.

Stuff Happens

As your property grows with your family, collateral damage happens. Kids and pets put enough wear and tear on your house that it all becomes a bit overwhelming. That doesn’t even take into consideration natural disasters and home malfunctions that occur as well. Water heaters break, pipes burst, and rivers overflow—all of which can inflict physical and monetary damage on your home. Almost 98 percent of Homeowner’s Insurance claims are due to property damage. So, if it hasn’t happened to you yet, there is a good chance that it could soon.

Making sure that your loved ones are safe is of course task number one, but when things settle down, it’s always nice to repair what damage is left behind. The only problem is that the little guy always gets left out.

Some things are lost forever. If your baseball cards caught on fire, well, there’s not a whole lot you can do. But if a ceramic lamp was broken, upholstery was soaked, or clothes got moths, most of these problems are fixable. Let’s focus on what you can control.

A Quick Read on Fixing Your Reading Collection

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, it’s probably tough to see your books float through your basement after a flood. There are more important things on your mind when the water subsides, but eventually you’ll get back to those books and wish they were in good shape once again. Well, if you take a few simple steps right off the bat, they can be.

If you’re wondering how to fix water-damaged books, we have the solution. Most importantly, stay away from heat sources. You’re going to need fans for this process. Other than that, a roll (or more) of paper towels will do the trick. Place one inside the front cover, and one inside the back cover, and voila… your treasures are as good as new. Sort of. Standing the books on end will help to drain any remaining water, and you’ll need to change the paper towels plenty of times, but overall your hardbacks should dry out well enough to look good again.

Repairing Chipped Home Wear

Ceramics and stone-wear can be expensive and hard to replace when something goes wrong. To top it off, those pieces typically are the most fragile in your kitchen. So, it’s no surprise when one crashes to the floor and shatters. Instead of looking for costly replacement pieces though, there is a way to fix it—assuming the chards aren’t too small to even see.

You’ll have to glue the pieces together. The tough part is holding them steady enough to get a shot with your adhesive. So, what’s the trick? Sand. It’s that easy. Anchoring one point in the grains will allow it to stand erect while you simply place the other piece on top of it. And when you’re all done, a vinyl spackling compound will create a nice finish. It won’t be back to 100 percent, but it will be better than shelling out a lump of cash for new kitchen wear.Smile for the Camera With One Quick Screen Fix

Some of the only things in your home more expensive than your dinner set are your electronics. Just as with anything else, wear and tear can start to take a toll after a few years of use—especially if kids are involved. A very common problem, as you may have experienced, are broken screens. Typically, when a crack forms, the device is discarded, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of outlets available where you can find replacement screens. The frustrating part is finding someone who can replace the screen for you. But you don’t have search anymore. All you need to do is grab a heat gun and a suction cup. It’s not MacGyver magic. It’s just a simple operation. In most cases, a few thin strips of double-sided tape secure your screen. Heating them up and removing them is all it takes to put a fresh, unbroken screen in its place. Your new piece will have adhesive of it’s own.

Who knew quick home fixes for damaged valuables could be so easy?

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