Following Your Dreams – Believe in Yourself

Every single thing in this world, that you enjoy and participate in – started as someone’s dream first. In fact, there are millions of us in this world that are filled with big dreams and ideas which we toss around as we sit in traffic but never share with others in our lives. Perhaps it is just fear that holds us back, or maybe it the fact that we don’t know how to make our dreams a reality. Either way…what is your dream? And more importantly, what is keeping you from following your dreams?

The first step in following your dreams is believing in yourself. Even if you don’t know everything you need to know to bring your dream to life, you have to have faith that you can learn. You also have to believe in the Universal principle that opportunity is simply waiting on you. When opportunity knocks, you have to let it in. Sometimes it comes in ways that we just aren’t opening to recognize. Other times it seems to come at the worst possible time, when you are already going through so much that adding one more thing would put you into overload. Believing in yourself, means believing in your dream. It means that no matter what your pessimistic side is telling you, you know there is a way to make it come true.

The second step in following your dreams is breaking out of your routine box in life. Sure, all of us have certain things we do, every day like clockwork. Often, our dreams don’t fit into the routine of our life. However, when you give your dreams wings – you have to allow room in your life for it to enter. It might feel awkward, like you are treading in unchartered waters. Remember that this will only keep you more aware of your surroundings and completely in tuned with your dream. You will always find more reasons to NOT follow your dreams than you will to take the plunge and follow them. This is just fear. If you use these reasons and excuses, you can be assured of one thing. That which you dream about and desire the most – will never be a reality for you.

You need to make a simple plan. You need to take steps every day, or every month that will align yourself more closely with your dream. You also need to move from the idle wishing phase to the ‘making it happen’ phase by being proactive and positive. Each time you take a step forward, make a decision that is aligned with your deepest desires and passions, you will be rewarded in numerous ways. You will also find that your map becomes easier to read, and that you start gaining the knowledge you need to make your dream come true. At times, knowledge and learning may actually change your dream a little, and this too is a good thing. While the dream in your mind, may be very detailed and clear – the reality of it might be different, better than what you imagined. Try to remain from being so stuck on the mental pictures, that you are unwilling to bend and move in a fresh direction.

With a plan in place, and simple steps activated – the next step is to just do it. Many people, dreaming of writing a book, starting a business, or taking some great escapade they have always wanted to take, stay stuck in the planning and visualizing phase for too long. They use excuses of money, acceptance from others and are happy to accept every and any roadblock that comes their way. They continuously talk about ‘when the time comes’ not realizing that the time to make your life own is now. Is every day. Again, this is just the fear. But if you are so stuck in the fear aspect of dreaming – you will never be able to change your life in the ways you want to. Following your dreams is so much more than wishing, it is about being a leader in your life and taking your own destiny, your own future by the horns and making it real.

Perhaps one of the greatest things to consider is the amount of regrets that most people have when faced with death. Talk to an old man, stuck in a wheelchair and he will tell you about all the things he dreamed about, but never had the courage to do. Oh, how he wished he had. This lesson is one of those that although we are constantly told from youth to follow our dreams, we have to live without them for so long, to the point of contention and resent, in order to break free from the clutches of life and be literally forced to follow our dreams. As human beings, that are thinking creatures – why would any of us settle for a life that is less than our dreams?

Every dream, can be mapped out into simple steps and stages. Once you are strong enough to believe in yourself and in your dream – you should set your goals and fly. Write them down in a systematic order. Analyze them and add or subtract as needed to fit your life and dream. Make efforts every day to add something to your journey that is in line with your dream. Not only will this make your life more meaningful and productive, but it will also begin making your dreams a reality.

No one said that following your dreams would be easy. The sheer fact that you are constantly thinking about them or bombarded with new ideas and ways of achieving them, should give an immediate indication of how important they are to you. Living out your dreams and taking responsibility for living the life you really want through your dreams is the only way to live without regrets and resentment. The worst thing that could happen from following a dream, is that you would find a new one.



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