Four Luggage Items for Your Next Couples Getaway

Romantic city breaks and vacations are cherished as some of the most exciting and memorable periods in a relationship. But in order to extract the most value and fun from your time away — and to leave stress and worry at home — you need to plan your vacation perfectly. Smooth trips, during which you and your partner are able to share extended quality time with one another, are the basis of long-lasting and loving relationships, and as such, how you plan your vacation and what you pack are essential concerns.

Here are four packing tips to help you plan your couple’s getaway perfectly.


It should go without saying that you’ll need to pack a complete set of clothing for all the weather conditions and levels of formality that you expect from your time abroad. On this note, it’s important that you’re able to surprise your partner with something formal and attractive for a dinner date in a restaurant, or for the posh-looking auditorium that you’re booked to visit for a performance. Make sure you pack a few more clothes than you think you need so that you don’t have to re-wear clothes that might be dirty or sweaty. Smarter Travel have a nice advice page on what to pack and wear abroad.


More important than the clothes are all the accessories that you’ll pack. These are easily forgotten, whereas it’s difficult to forget clothes, and yet, accessories like sunglasses, sun hats, a watch, and jewelry are all essential if you’re to pull off your romantic getaway in style. Bring all those items that you feel will enhance how you look and accessorize your outfits while you’re away, making your partner fall even deeper in love with you.


Wherever you go in the world, from a five-star resort to a backpacking hostel, you’re going to need to bring some of your favorite washing essentials, your shaving kit, or your cosmetics bag when you head out on your couple’s getaway. If you’re looking for new wash essentials for travel, look to the travel pack created by Cashlady, which will show you what kind of products you can afford to purchase for your next and subsequent trips with your partner. Being clean and presentable are of course essential ingredients to your romantic trip, so pack wisely in this department to look the part while away.

A Small Gift

There’s nothing like a small gift to boost the romance between you and your partner while you’re on vacation together. The romance is enhanced by your partner’s understanding that you planned the gift in advance and flew it out to your chosen destination to surprise them with. Whether this is a small gift of nominal value — or that biggest gift of all, the engagement ring — is totally up to you. Just remember that your gift should be small enough to conceal in a suitcase and easy enough to present to them over dinner.

There you have it: four packing essentials to bring with you on your next couples’ getaway abroad.

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