Four Things You Need to Know Before Improving Your Garden

Outdoor projects are a favourite with homeowners for many reasons. For one, you have a lot more freedom to try new and exciting things without the worry that it will interrupt your daily routine. After all, if the ‘building site’ is kept confined to the corner of the yard as opposed to in the middle of your bedroom, you’re less likely to be disturbed by it.

Whilst this is all well and good, there are a few precautions every homeowner should take before embarking on any garden project. Here is a breakdown of a few things you’ll need before picking up your toolbox.

Make sure your measurements are correct

There’s nothing worse than ordering a new piece of furniture for your home, then realising that it won’t fit. This problem is amplified ten-fold in the case of a garage, or a garden shed. Ensuring that you have enough space to construct any garden project you start is vital.

Whilst this might seem like an easy enough task, it’s surprisingly easy to mis-read or transcribe measurements, therefore leaving you with inaccurate calculations to take to the store.

To avoid these, measure and measure again, preferably with multiple people who can help back up your work and point out any silly mistakes you may have missed.

Protect work areas from the elements

Whilst working outside can bring sunny conditions to bask under, it can also bring its fair share of rain or worse. Be prepared to roll out the tarpaulin or other plastic coverings to ensure any delicate project areas are protected from damage.

Wind can also be an issue, so any freestanding structures should be securely fastened if they are in a state of construction and not yet grounded in.

Consider natural light

Before you start erecting outside buildings or adding new fencing, consider existing flower beds and plants and make sure that they are not overshadowed by the project. This could have a very detrimental effect to the health of these plants and end up making the garden look worse rather than better!

Set yourself a budget

Possibly one of the most important points to consider. Outdoor projects can be pricey, in fact over recent years there has been an increase in the amount of ‘dream projects‘ being posted online. Even though these look the part and can make viewers more than a little envious, they are for the most part not a realistic option to emulate.

Planning and a sensible budget can help you work within your limits and create an outcome which will not only look great but leave you healthy in a financial sense as well. After all, you don’t want to spend all that work and time on a project that you don’t have the funds to complete.

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