Garden Accents – Pots, Planters, Trellises

If the purpose of your garden is to beautify your surroundings, garden accents can definitely help to you to reach your goal. Some garden accents are practical while others are quite exquisite. They have the ability to take a normal yard to the next level with precisely defined landscaping. Some accents are expensive while others are easy on the pocket. They can definitely assist you in creating the ambiance that you want so that your garden will become your statement to the world.

Following is just a few categories of garden accents that you may find interest in:

  • Pots and Planters
  • Trellises
  • Fencing and Edging
  • Arbors and Arches
  • Gazebos
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Stepping Stones
  • Fountains
  • Garden Lights
  • Statuary
  • Fire Pits

Pots, planters, trellises, fencing, and edging are among the practical accessories for a garden. Using pots and planters, you can actually grow plants and trees in any area. They are movable, so you can change the look or adjust them for proper sunlight. Trellises are lovely for climbing bushes and vinery. They also provide support for many plants. Fencing and edging can be used to separate your plants and to protect them. They can also be used in an artistic approach to create a design.

Arbors, arches and gazebos add a touch of class to any garden. Arbors and arches will usually double as trellises. They can make a great entry to your garden. A gazebo is a fashionable alternative or addition to the classic patio or garden paving. They can be used to house tables, grills, or even a whirlpool or spa.

If you want your flower garden to stand out, a raised garden bed may be a desirable garden accent. Who says your flower bed has to be at the edge of your yard? A raised flower bed can be put anywhere and is sure to make your flower garden the center of attention. They can also be used for growing vegetables or herbs.

Stepping stones can be a practical alternative to sidewalks. They can be used to set a path through your garden and they are excellent accents to landscaping. They come in a variety of designs that are likely to complement your décor.

Fountains are splendid garden accents. They can be used to accompany a pond or they can be free standing. There are even fountains that mount on the wall making it easy to provide them water. The sound of running water adds serenity to the garden making it relaxing place.

Garden lights can range from solar lights to old-time lanterns. As a garden accent, they are used to bring out the garden and to highlight its features. They can even be used to light a path through your garden so it can be enjoyed at night.

Statuary is the ultimate garden accent. It kind of sets the tone for a garden if you put a statue in it. There are all kinds of statues ranging from cutesy to luxurious. They are made in a variety of materials like pottery, marble, stone, resin, and bronze. Of course the price of them depends on the type of material they are made of, as well as their popularity. Statuary also includes things like birdbaths and similar garden accessories.

Fire pits are wonderful garden accents. There is nothing more comfortable than sitting in a garden by the fire pit. It makes your garden a cozy place for socializing and relaxing.

There are many places to shop for garden accents. Of course, they are available in garden centers and nurseries. They are also available in many variety, lumber and hardware stores. Some specialty shops carry statuary and fountains. You may even find gazebos, arbors and arches at a store that specializes in pool supplies, or in a wedding shop. Craft shows and flea-markets are popular places for lawn ornaments. The internet is a great place to find just about anything, including accents for your garden.

Before purchasing garden accents, make sure you have a great landscaping plan. You might choose to hire a landscaper or a designer, or you can get ideas from reading garden magazines. The first step to accenting your garden is to have an idea of what kind of vision you want to create. This will help you to plant your garden appropriately so that it can be enhanced with garden accessories.

Accessorizing your garden with accents will add beauty to the garden. You will most likely feel at home and it will make spending time in your garden a preference. No doubt, it will definitely be a showcase appropriate for entertaining. You will proud to share your garden with others.



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