Garden trends for 2020: How to outshine your neighbors

Whether you’ve a sizable yard with a fashionable and practical garden shed already in full use, or a small balcony which you want to turn into a tranquil haven, you might be looking for garden trends to spruce up your outside space. Adding curb appeal to your home and outshining your neighbors is a great way to kick start 2020, so here are some tips and hints to set you off on the right foot.

#1 Embrace urban gardening

So, you’re a city dweller with very little space? Well that shouldn’t stop you from embracing gardening life. Urban gardening has been gathering pace over the past few years and looks set to be huge in 2020. Intelligent horticultural use of small areas of the city can include planting small raised flower beds, tending to hanging baskets and pots and growing vertical plants on a trellis such as vining perennials. Want to grow your own organic food? Then peas are ideal for vertical gardening.

#2 Be an eco-friendly gardener

As people wake up to plastic overconsumption, eco-friendly gardening is becoming increasingly important and will be all the rage for 2020. There are many things you can do to prevent plastic from entering the oceans or landfill sites but knowledge is key. If you want to grow plants from seeds, for example, try to get hold of biodegradable paper, bamboo, grass and wood pulp pots and seed trays, instead of plastic pots. Similarly, you can always buy bare root plants and be done with plastic pots completely.

It’s also a good idea to save water as this is kinder on the environment. You can do this by opting for drought-tolerant plants including evergreens such as Choisya and Mahonia or installing several water butts which will help you to keep your garden alive without turning on the taps.

#3 Have a go at ‘smart’ gardening

Believe it or not ‘smart’ technology is infiltrating the gardening world at a rapid rate – with no signs of slowing down. Smart gardening will be huge for 2020 with gardening apps such as Garden Answers helping you to instantly identify over 20,000 plants. SmartPlant also helps with identification but also comes with a Digital Care Calendar to help you look after and keep track of everything in your garden. Moon & Garden takes a complete lunar approach to planting and harvesting fruit and veg while GrowIt gives you access to a vibrant gardening community.

Funky gardening accessories such as Smart Garden 3 makes taking care of plants easier than ever because everything is automatic. Super cool NASA inspired Smart Soil ensures your plants have the optimum amount of water, oxygen and nutrients while special LED grow lights provide them with the energy they need to thrive. This means that even if you don’t have any outside space, you can still enjoy gardening in a modern way.

Gardening trends are constantly changing, but these will certainly get 2020 off to a good start.

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