Getting Life Insurance With A Felony Conviction

So what? Life happens and you may find yourself in some gray areas you could have never imagined. But does that mean that you are restricted from getting life insurance just because of a felony conviction? We’ll discuss that in a bit. 

After having been released from prison, you are looking to being reintegrated back into society. This means that you want to re-establish your family connections, look for a job, and live your life like any other person. It’s very possible that you may face some sort of stigma. However, this shouldn’t deter you from having a normal life. Nevertheless, insurance companies will, of course, do a background check of your lifestyle in trying to analyze the risks. But really, is it possible to get a life policy with a criminal record?

Well, without sugarcoating things, it depends on the kind of felony we’re talking about. With felonies such as kidnapping, rape, and child molestation, just to name a few, it’s very likely to be denied access to any traditional life insurance. Nonetheless, the good news is that getting life insurance with a criminal record is possible. But how is it exactly? Well, depending on the insurance company you approach most providers will have exceptions on the following charges.

Drug-Related Charges

Some life insurance companies may be willing to overlook certain aspects but it all depends on your response to their scrutinizing criteria. They may be interested in knowing if you’ve ever been incarcerated, the time you spent in prison, and the duration it will take for your probation, to mention but a few things. In addition to this, you may also need to write an exceptional cover letter as a means of explaining your situation better.

Alcohol and Violence Charges

Most of these felonies will be associated with drunk-driving. For most policy providers, this increases the risk. In this case, before considering your application, the insurance company may need to profile your two-year gap between conviction and probation. Nevertheless, if denied coverage after the two year window period, you may as well look for another insurance company seeing that your current one isn’t the right one.

Additionally, the insurance company may also want a documented verification of complete addiction treatment. This will help to ascertain your lifestyle stability after release. This means that your rehabilitation is paramount to your quest for life insurance.

Other Risk Factors


Different insurance companies may have different views on felons and there may be variations in how they approach offering life insurance to convicted felons. When it comes down to analyzing risks, most insurance companies know very well of the effects of incarceration to an individual’s health, most especially those who’ve served long sentences.


The fact that you may have been convicted as a result of poor lifestyle decisions such as driving under the influence of alcohol, the insurance company may have some serious concerns about your lifestyle change. Additionally, there is always a higher chance that most felons end up going back to prison. Not of their own volition but as an effect of stigma and segregation from the society. All these are risk factors that may be considered as life insurance dealbreakers. So, what if your applications are denied time and time again, are there other options?

Alternatives Of Life Insurance To Convicted Felons

Accidental Death Policy:

This is a type of policy that will pay for benefits for deaths caused by accidents. This means that if it’s a death caused by stroke or heart attack, then the policy will not cover for that. Given your options, it’s better than no deal.

Guaranteed Life Insurance:

With this type of insurance, you better hope that you live longer than the grace period provided. This policy will only pay benefits for deaths that occur 2-3 years after application. Another caveat is that you also need to be above the age of 40. In the event of death occurring within the 2-3 year clause, then your beneficiary will collect a 10% interest on top of the total premium.

Group Life Insurance:

This only works if you get employed in a company that provides life insurance to its employees. However, this cover is only valid for as long as you remain an employee with the company.

What About Life Insurance While On Probation?

Most insurance carriers want to wait for a period of 1-5 years after probation before they can consider a felon for life insurance. This is the required waiting period. However, this depends on the company’s underwriting, such that if the felony happened way further back, the higher your chances of getting approved. Remember, probation and parole are risk factors that most insurance companies don’t want to take chances with. It’s because you must adhere to strict conditions from the authorities, failure to which you may end up returning to prison, which means you may not be able to pay your premiums.

On The Bright Side

So, if you are tired of seeking life insurance without success, it’s important to note that not all insurers will have the same regulations. There are companies that may be willing to offer you a helping hand, for as long as you remain honest and show proof of reformation. For this to happen, you need to be resourceful and do your research on various insurance carriers. Additionally, it helps to have an insurance broker who understands you. Cultivate your relationship with the insurance broker you have and they may vouch for you.

In addition to this, you have a better chance of life insurance coverage if your offense wasn’t severe in nature. Insurance carriers may also consider your application if the felony doesn’t show a repetitive pattern.

Now, when choosing the right insurance company, it’s imperative that the insurance carrier you choose to work with has a track record of allowing coverage for individuals with felony records. This helps to increase your chances of landing a life insurance cover even with a felony conviction.

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