Getting Married During a Pandemic: 4 Tips for Making Your Quarantine Wedding Special

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it and interrupted wedding plans everywhere.

In fact, according to a study conducted by, 81 percent of respondents said COVID-19 changed their wedding day expectations, while another 82 percent said living through the pandemic made them want to marry their significant other even more.

The good news? You can still host a meaningful ceremony despite the need to change your expectations. From smaller weddings to creative planning, here’s how to make your quarantine wedding feel special.

1. Make it Intimate

These days, hosting a wedding requires some intimacy from your guest list to your gift list. If you can’t gather as a small group, invited guests will understand that only your immediate family and closest friends will attend.

Beyond the guest list, it’s essential to think about what matters in terms of a gift registry. Ask for meaningful items that you’ll use in your daily life. Or get creative. Gift cards or donations to a future honeymoon or a down payment on a home are innovative ways to share the big moments in life with your guests.

Brides and grooms can also keep the intimacy alive by exchanging thoughtful gifts. For instance, the bride-to-be could browse for sentimental items like a bottle of scotch you tried on your first date, while grooms can be on the lookout for artwork for your home or sexy bridal lingerie. The latter gesture shows you appreciate her beauty and want her to feel as good as she looks on your wedding day.

2. Take it Outdoors

Hosting your nuptials outdoors is considered a safer solution during the pandemic. Indeed, you still get to enjoy hosting a few guests while getting married in the fresh air and a beautiful backdrop. If you can’t escape to a park or mountainside to get married, turn your backyard into a stunning venue without leaving home.

Bring in fresh flowers, tiki torches, heat lamps and string lights to liven up your outdoor space. If your yard is too small to space chairs six feet apart for the ceremony, ask friends to stand as you get married. You can also strategically place seating around your yard for people to relax afterward. Ask any vendors to wear masks and make picking up drinks or snacks as socially distanced as possible.

With a little creativity, your backyard wedding will feel intimate and festive for your big day.

3. Opt for a Virtual Ceremony

Whether you host a few guests in-person or get married with just an officiant in attendance, chances are you’ll have a virtual component to your wedding. The good news is that the world has quickly pivoted to virtual weddings, and incorporating Zoom or Facebook Live is the norm. Another upside is you can also invite as many guests as you’d like to watch the festivities unfold.

Going virtual does require some planning, though. Do a few test runs to make sure your technology is working appropriately. You can also assign tasks to your guests, like pre-recording a speech or special reading. The more you can include and engage your guests, the more they’ll feel right there with you.

4. Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Not every couple wants to postpone their wedding day, and certainly no one wants any plans that don’t allow for flexibility. If you can’t move your wedding day, consider getting married in an intimate ceremony and then planning a vow renewal and party with family and friends. Ultimately, you’ll wind up with more flexibility to get married exactly when you want, while also celebrating with friends and family when the world feels a little safer.

Creating Memories for a Lifetime

Focusing on intimacy and meaning on your big day can help make your wedding feel like what you’ve always envisioned. From gifts to vow renewals, get creative with your wedding-day journey for memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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