Getting Married in Vegas – Pros and Cons

Everything You Need to Know to Tie the Knot in Vegas

Las Vegas has long been the home of the most marriages recorded per year in the United States. Perhaps it’s the glow of the neon lights that add just the perfect amount of romantic glow . . . or perhaps it’s simply that there is no waiting period to wed making it easier to be spontaneous. Or perhaps it is the go with the flow lifestyle that makes many throw caution to the wind and listen instead to the voice of their hearts.

If you are thinking of getting married in Vegas there are a bevy of places to say I do right at your finger tips. Here are a few couple favorites to help you get an idea of costs and just what type of venues are out there . . . While there are many places to get married quickly and even in drive thru settings, we will focus on a few of the more elegant venues.

The Bellagio

One of the world’s most beautiful, elegant and recognizable hotels and casinos, the Bellagio is a superb spot for housing the wedding of your dreams. With immaculate lighting, ballrooms and of course, the world famous Bellagio fountains, this fairytale tie-the-knot-spot is the things that dreams are made of.

From the elaborate to budget friendly glamour the Bellagio has got you covered. For economic reasons, let’s explore a budget friendly option. Here is some information straight from the wedding information page of the Bellagio for one of the hotel’s most glamorous yet most affordable packages.

  • One Hour of Chapel Time (East or South) Inclusive of Chapel Photography
  • One Officiate
  • One Bride’s Bouquet
  • One Groom’s Boutonniere
  • One Large Mantle Floral Arrangement
  • One Bellagio Custom Aisle Runner
  • One Large Bag of Fresh White Rose Petals for Bride’s Processional
  • One DVD of Your Wedding Ceremony
  • One Bellagio Custom Certificate
  • One Live Broadcast of your Wedding Ceremony on the Internet
  • One Ones’’ in a Lifetime Photography Package (Detailed Below)
  • One Bottle of Gold Veuve Clicquot Champagne
  • One Pair of European Crystal Toasting Flutes (D&D Gold)
  • One Box of Bellagio Jean Philippe Maury Gourmet Truffles
  • One Selection of Wedding Music to be played during your Ceremony
  • One Limousine Service to and from Bellagio to the Marriage License Bureau (Limousine Service is for Bride and Groom Only)
  • One Half Hour Use of Bridal Dressing Room Prior to Ceremony
  • One Rehearsal for your Wedding Party (Appointment to be made 2 weeks prior to Ceremony)
  • One Gift Basket for Room
  • One Buffet for two at Bellagio
  • One Custom Made Bellagio Tote Bag

$5,000.00 (Including tax) – Information courtesy of the Bellagio Hotel

If the Bellagio is a little too formal for what you had in mind another vibrant choice is this beautiful and chic little chapel that is a favorite among the locals . . .

The Chapel of the Flowers‘ is another landmark in the Las Vegas community. Tiny yet not to be overlooked, this little chapel has started the marriages of many of Hollywood’s most glamorous. With many different packages The Chapel of Flowers can meet almost any budget requirement. From an intimate and romantic ceremony for two starting at only $195 to legendary experiences that run $10,000. Because the many choices are too vast to list here, you can check out the packages for yourself at

When in Vegas

There are several things that you will want to keep in mind when getting married in Vegas. While the sunny weather is desirable on brochures, in the summer months the heat can become weltering, melting the bride’s makeup and making even the toughest groom sweat straight through his Armani tux. If possible, strive for a spring, fall or winter wedding.

Another thing to consider is this . . . as with any hotel, weekend and holiday rates can double the price of guest rooms for your wedding party. This can be even truer in Vegas where everyday seems to be a holiday. If you feel you cannot afford to fly everyone out and put them up in a hotel, consider going with a venue who offers a live webcast of your wedding to select people you pre-select. One venue that offers this service is indeed the Bellagio that we discussed sooner.

When it comes to getting married in Vegas no matter if you choose to tie the know in the ritziest hotel or are wed by a karaoke Elvis . . . if you go into your marriage with heart and commitment you will have a lifetime of happiness, luck and good fortune.



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