Getting Your House Ready for Summer

At last, the summer is finally here to stay. The sun’s out, the heat is in full force, and you’re ready to sit back and relax. If you live in a North American city like New York or Toronto, where the summer weather only lasts for a few months, you’re eager to take advantage of it.

While you’re getting your summer wardrobe together — putting those jackets and scarves away for another year — it’s also time to prepare your house for the sunny season. Have you removed any leftover leaves from the gutters and checked the patio to see if it needs any repair work? To ensure that your home is summer-ready, check out our list of maintenance tips for the season.

Clean Out the Gutters

Your gutters gather rainwater from the roof and bring it away from the foundation of your home through downspouts. If they’re not clear, all of the rainwater and leftover dirt and debris will clog the gutters, which could result in an overflow of water onto the foundation of your home, a damaged roof, and a flooded basement.

But by cleaning out the gutters in early summer, you could avoid such damage to your house. And the best part about cleaning out the gutters is that it’s a reasonably easy job. All you need is a ladder, some gardening gloves, and a hose.

Remove any debris with your gloved hands, and then wash away any remaining dirt with your hose. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing up there with your ladder, consider calling a professional maintenance worker to help you out.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The one downside to summer is paying those high utility bills. Once the heat and humidity finally make their appearance, they’re here to stay for the long term. And while you’re not complaining about the excellent weather, keeping the air conditioner on full blast for weeks at a time isn’t doing your bank account any favours.

Did you know that if you replace your windows with energy-efficient windows, you could save hundreds of dollars a year? Modern window companies in Toronto and other cities worldwide will offer energy-saving window products for homeowners looking for a change. Such windows are built to keep the heat, cold, and other elements outside while keeping the cool refreshing AC air (or heat from the furnace if it’s winter) safely inside your house. You won’t have to crank up the air conditioning as high because your energy-efficient windows will be working hard to keep the heat away from your home.

Inspect Your Patio

What’s summer without its backyard hangouts on the patio? But before you start inviting friends over for patio drinks, always ensure that it’s in good condition. The deck can take a serious beating over the winter, so look for rotting wood, missing parts, and if it needs painting or staining. Carefully inspect the patio and be sure to maintain any repairs before your first summer backyard event.

This is the season to relax and enjoy the nice weather. But before you do that, remember to get your house into perfect summer shape with these tips.

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