Great Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays with Family and Friends

Christmas is a magical time; you get to spend quality time with your family and friends celebrating the holidays. Most of the time, you already have some traditions set in your family during this time of year, but sometimes it is exciting to create new traditions or to change things up a bit.

To make the holidays even more special for them, here are some ways to enjoy the Christmas holidays with your friends and family.

Bake cookies

Who doesn’t love baked goods? They are even better when you bake them around this time of year because you can eat them right out of the oven, and they will be all warm and gooey. You can have fun planning on how to decorate Christmas cookies. It is an amazing activity around Christmas time with children because they will have fun getting creative with their cookie colors and designs. If you want to add to the experience, include them in the baking process by asking them to mix the ingredients so that they become even more invested in the activity.

Exchange gifts

Many people exchange gifts, during Christmas.  You can add a fun twist by playing Secret Santa. All you have to do is get a hat or bowl with all your friends’ names written on slips of paper inside of it. Then each friend pulls out a slip of paper and that is the person they will be getting a gift for. Here is a tip when playing, if you ever feel at a loss deciding what gift you should get, you can always go for a Christmas themed sweater. It is easy to find women’s Christmas sweater both in stores and on various websites.  When you get to the point when you are going to exchange presents, everyone participating puts the gift they have purchased under the tree anonymously and the recipient of the gift has to guess who got it for him or her.

Go ice skating

If possible, you can go with your family or friends ice-skating. This is great if you are not someone who enjoys sitting around home all day. You can still feel the Christmas spirit, and spend time with your close ones without having to be stuck at home practicing your skating skills. Head to the nearest ice-skating rink with your family and enjoy the warming up by skating and having hot chocolate.

Watch movies

Christmas holidays are the perfect time to have the ultimate movie night. You can get a bunch of snacks and candy for your friends, watch a bunch of classic Christmas movies, and enjoy reliving favorite scenes from your childhood. Bundling up under fleece blankets and drinking hot cocoa will make the night even cozier than it is. It will no doubt quickly become one of your favorite Christmas traditions if you are into having a cozy night inside with your family and friends.

These four different activities to do during the Christmas holidays are guaranteed to please everyone and will in no time become a Christmas tradition that you can enjoy with your close family and friends throughout the years. Whether you enjoy staying in or heading out during Christmas, you will be sure to find a tradition you love.

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