Home Boxing Vs. Gym Boxing

Most importantly, from the start, you’ve made a great decision and that’s one to start boxing. You’ve found the workout that’s right for you, now

Fitness is a Feeling

Do you remember the last time you felt strong? How about powerful? Fierce? We feel them in our bodies as physical sensations and flood our

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How to Buy and Wear a Statement Piece

Sometimes you see somebody wearing something that really catches your eye, especially when it’s teamed with staple items that everyone has in their wardrobe. Many

Picture of fruit, nuts and beans

Power-Up with Fiber

Surprising Ways Fiber Keeps You Well My mother wasn’t an expert on nutrition, but she was often spot-on. For instance, her commitment to eating salad.

General Health
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Functional Foods

What You Need to Know About “Biotics” and Your Health For some reason it’s a flashbulb memory: In 2008, referring to a component of whole

Taming Toxic Triggers

Revealing Answers in Today’s Inflammatory Times Bad news for global citizens: We’re now living in a world where it’s impossible to escape from toxic exposure—even

Personal Care
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Adrenalize Your Mindset

3 Actions to Take Right Now Sweating, heart racing, feeling afraid for your life …have you woken up at 3am and felt this way? Our

Manage Your Menopause: 5 Tips

When you start reaching your late 40s, the symptoms of menopause might start to set in, which is a tough transition for any woman to