Health Equals Success

Health Equals Success

4 Reasons Why Investing in Your Health Creates Success

There is often a correlation between the greater success or goals we have in our professional life and our health taking the back burner. Quotes like “nobody cares, work harder” and “I’ll sleep when I am dead” may have a purpose in driving you to go all in on yourself; However, we seem to forget that without our health everything we are working for will cease to matter.

What if I told you that you can create more success if you found balance and included investing in your health and well-being? That’s exactly what I am here to do.

Here are 4 reasons why the healthier you are, the more success you achieve.

  1. Mental Clarity and Energy: When we have brain fog and are running on empty, we are less productive and our attention to detail as well as efficiency usually suffers. If you start to prioritize sleep, hydration, and even 30 minutes of movement in the morning everything will shift. Once a zombie pushing through-the-day attitude will turn into having more joy throughout the day, you will have more clarity on your goals, plans, and structure. You may even find more time to complete tasks because you implement these into your daily life.
  1. Confidence: This is a big one. There is no question that the more confident we are, the more success is to follow. Investing in your physical and mental health will bring you more confidence. You can put on any outfit you choose with no second looks. You will show up to presentations or to close deals with a more vibrant demeanor. Even your intimate relationships get deeper because of the confidence you now have in your skin. There is no downside to increased confidence in personal or professional settings.
  1. Retirement: Why work so hard to retire just to be so burnt out and unhealthy by the time retirement comes you can’t enjoy it? Focusing on your health now will allow you to reap the benefits of a fruitful retirement later. If you think investing in your health is expensive now, wait to you see what the medical costs are.
  1. Success: Ultimately when you take care of yourself you have more to give to everyone else. Your relationships, profession, networking, and even goals will start naturally being more successful when you aren’t living from a place of low self-esteem, and low energy and then ending the day not wanting to invest in the people closest to you. Invest in yourself, you are your greatest asset.

Focusing on your health, when done correctly can bring you more joy and success in every area of life. There are no good reasons not to and unlimited reasons to do it. It starts with you!

Natalia RichardsonNatalia Richardson is a Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, CPT, and Certified Professional Life Coach. I am someone who went from being an emotional eater, people pleaser and low self-esteem to falling in love with weightlifting, learning how to love myself with the way I feed my body and mind while developing deep self-love which has poured out into every area of my life. Over the 5 years I have become passionate about helping other professional women do the same while achieving greater success in every area of life.



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