Here are 11 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? You probably want to sell your house quickly and at a reasonable price. If you want to achieve both of those things, don’t make the mistake of listing your house without any preparation.

Some simple changes and repairs can significantly improve your property’s saleability. We’re sharing the best tips for preparing your home for sale. Take a look.

  • Deep Clean Inside Out

Start by cleaning inside the floors, walls, windows, doors, storage cabinets, furniture, carpets, and so on. It would be much more efficient to hire a professional cleaning crew if that’s too much work for you.

Apart from interiors, your outdoor space also needs attention. Get in touch with Pressure Washing Pros of Fairfax for thoroughly cleaning hardscape features.

  • Declutter

Who likes a messy space? Clutter will immediately undermine your home’s potential. When you’re inviting potential buyers for a viewing, make sure you declutter and neatly organize all your belongings. It’s the small things that make a big difference!

  • Depersonalize

Potential buyers won’t be able to envision themselves in your house if it’s filled with family photographs and heirlooms. So, remove any overly personal items from the house.

  • Take a Minimalist Approach

You might like bright colors and bold textures, but the same might not be true for potential buyers. It would be best to take a minimalist approach. If the walls are painted a striking color, you should tone it down with a neutral hue. Again, the goal is to help buyers imagine living in this house.

  • Rearrange Furniture

A lot of us have the tendency to fill up the house with way too many things. However, when someone is viewing your house, a lot of furniture can make it difficult to move around. So, rearrange the furniture in a way that makes your house look spacious and free-flowing.

  • Bring In Natural Light

If your house has big windows that bring in plenty of natural light, it’s definitely something you should play up. Natural light will also accentuate interior features and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Highlight Storage Space

Potential buyers are always looking for abundant storage space. We suggest renting a storage unit for temporarily keeping your belongings so that you can highlight the storage potential of your home.

  • Consider Simple Upgrades

For some instant interior newness, install new doorknobs, cabinet handles, and other hardware. Similarly, you can repaint window frames, front door, driveway gates, and fences. Cover up damaged floors with a rug and any spills on the couch upholstery with cushions.

  • Hire a Handyman

Hire a handyman if you don’t have the tools or skills to carry out simple home repairs. Get any leaking faucets, exposed wiring, loose hardware, damaged drywall, and other minor fixes.

  • Make It Smell Good

Nothing makes a house feel like a home than a delicious smell of freshly baked goods. You can bake a batch of cookies or reheat store-bought ones for the open house. Lighting aromatic candles in the bathrooms is also a good idea.

  • Think About Curb Appeal

Just sprucing up the interiors won’t seal the deal. You need to pay attention to the exteriors as well. Hire a landscaper to clean lawns and trim hedges. Also, planting blooming flora will enhance your home’s curb appeal and attract buyers.

The Bottom Line

When a property has been on the market for a while, people usually assume something is wrong with it. If your property stays on the market for long, you’d likely have to lower the asking price. Hopefully, these minor touch-ups will enhance your home’s appeal and create a positive impression on potential buyers.

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