Hidden Costs to Budget for When Selling Your House

There can be a lot to organize when selling your house, such as packing and changing your utilities. However, there can also be costs you might not have anticipated once that ‘sold’ sign goes up. To make sure you’ve budgeted for every possible expense before moving day arrives, take note of the following potential ones that may arise.

Lawyer Fees

You can generally expect to pay lawyer fees when selling a house since hiring a real estate lawyer can be integral for ensuring your real estate transaction goes smoothly. Most homeowners rely on property lawyers regardless of whether they’re selling to a professional buy or a member of the public.

Real estate lawyers can often charge between $150 and $350 per hour, while some also charge a flat fee plus a retainer. The more complicated your transaction is, the more you might expect to pay.

Moving Truck Costs

Many homeowners hire moving services to help them shift their furniture and personal possessions from one property to another. Moving trucks can be convenient for local, regional, and national transportation, especially when your own vehicles aren’t large enough to carry everything in one trip.

However, as convenient and necessary as they are, such services can also be costly. Homeowners can generally expect to part with over $1,000 for a local move and several thousand over a long distance. The more miles your chosen truck company needs to travel, the more money you might need to set aside.

Cleaning Services

Packing your possessions while still working and caring for your family can be hard work, and that’s even before you realize you might need to perform a thorough top-to-bottom clean before vacating.

Fortunately, many cleaning companies offer moving house cleans that leave your property sparkling for those moving in after you. Cleaning service providers can remove a great deal of stress from your shoulders, but they aren’t free. A high-quality cleaning service with an excellent reputation might cost you upwards of $200. The more detailed the clean, the more you might expect to pay.

Rubbish Removal

Many people treat moving out of their homes as an opportunity to declutter. The more items you get rid of before you move, the less you take with you and the less money you might also have to spend on moving services.

Not everyone has the time to make several trips to their local landfill, so renting a dumpster can be a desirable option. Businesses drop them off at your property, give you time to fill them, then pick them up and dispose of your waste. It’s a convenient service, but one that comes at a cost.

Prices vary depending on where you live and the size of the dumpster you rent, but you may need to set aside between $200 and $800.

You might assume that the only costs you need to concern yourself with are those linked to the purchase price of a new home, but hidden ones might catch you by surprise. By being aware of as many of them as possible, such as these above, you can ensure you’ve got funds set aside to cover them. 



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