Hiring a Kitchen Designer – It Could Save You Money In the Long Run

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, hiring a kitchen designer can be an overwhelming task. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home so it is no wonder that people have a hard time making a decision about a place everyone will see that can truly reflect the style and personalities of the homeowners. Whether you are considering a major remodel with wall tear downs and sinks rearranged or you simply want an update to cabinets and countertops, a professional can offer many tools as well as insight that will be beneficial to your project. There are some key factors that will help homeowners select the right professional as well as get the results they were expecting.

Getting What You Want

Whether you plan to be your own contractors or you are fully hiring out the work for your kitchen renovation, hiring a professional with interior design experience is highly recommended. For starters, a professional has many tools to assist with design decisions that can save time and especially money. Most professionals can take your current floor plan and place it in a software program that will calculate measurements and other basic requirements along with demonstrating various options for your remodel.

A design professional can take the items you wish to incorporate in to your remodel and ensure that they can happen more efficiently or effectively than you may have thought of on your own. Many people do not realize how frequently they are making design decisions because of issues in their kitchen that they believe they cannot get around, such as a sink hook up or gas outlet. Or else people unfortunately do not realize some things that would be difficult to change, such as structural issues that can’t be moved. A professional would be capable of helping you work through these issues in order to incorporate all the design elements you were considering.

One of the most beneficial aspects to an experienced professional is their ability to save homeowners time and money. Experienced design professionals are typically more aware of the cost savings opportunities that first time renovators may not realize. Consider the sequence in which to order custom elements of your kitchen such as countertops or cabinets or appliances. All of these items need to be completed in a particular order to avoid continually calling in contractors at different intervals when you could have had them do their job all in one day if the right sequence of events had occurred. By knowing what to do and when to do it, considerable dollars can be saved.

How to Find a Good Professional

Nothing is more helpful than a personal reference for anyone you plan to have do work for you. This allows you to see their work first hand or get feedback you might not have otherwise had access to. You can also find interior designing services available at home improvement stores. These services may not be as custom or creative as independent professionals, but they typically can offer basic services and provide advisement on measurements and products found within the store. An independent designer can give homeowners unique style options as well as offering a wider selection of products. There are also internet sources that have been developed to both recommend good design professionals as well as advise against ones who have performed poorly.

The type of kitchen you want to have also plays a role in determining the right professional resources. Some designers will specialize in a specific aspect of kitchen design such as traditional versus modern looks or French country kitchens. Others may work with specific product types such as unique materials that are imported or recycled design products. If a homeowner is uncertain what type of design they are seeking, it is even more important to involve a professional in order to get the best result for your renovation project.

Saving Money by Spending Money

Design consultations are often free but actual services throughout the renovation will require a fee. It may feel counter intuitive to pay money in order to save money, but a professional is definitely skilled enough to help homeowners cut the corners to get the maximum amount of value for their renovation. Design professionals generally have industry contacts that can help to procure items that may not otherwise be available to the general public. They also have enough experience to be prepared for some of the issues people simply wouldn’t know from doing a renovation once or twice.

Another benefit of professional assistance with your renovation will be the opportunity to maximize a kitchen renovation when it comes to a re-sale investment. For homeowners renovating their kitchen in order to prepare their home to sell, a design professional familiar with the market would be able to present the types of upgrades that home buyers are looking for. It can be easy to personalize a renovation for you and your family, but it is not necessarily as easy to choose renovation selections that will appeal to a wide base of potential buyers. Industry professionals can offer everything from current trends in kitchen design through to changes that save you money while still looking great for a buyer.

What You Should Look For

There are a few key items you should look for when shopping for a design professional that will help to tell you something about the quality of work the person provides. For starters, they should have some sort of web presence that includes photos of actual home kitchens they have worked on. If the photos appear to be generic stock photos, then you know you may have a professional that is too inexperienced for your project. You should also interview your designer, similar to the way you would want to ask important questions of any one completing a job for you. Typically a professional will have a portfolio of completed projects and sample materials that they like to use which should give you an idea of their style and design approach.

Hiring a kitchen designer should be a well planned process for your renovation project. It is the key to saving money and time in the long run of your project. An experienced design professional will have access to resources and tools that can help your project to be more cohesive and professional while using their expertise to maximize the value of your renovation investment.



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