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Home Decorating Tips for This Spring Cleaning 2020

Summer is just around the corner!  Refresh your space to match the spirit of the season by revamping your decorations and spring cleaning. From wardrobe and indoor decor changes to outdoor cleaning, it’s time to get your home ready for the season. Winter is gone, spring is already here, and  the summer season approaches.  Warmer temperatures and sunny days are coming, so spring clean your house and infuse your home with modern décor that will take you all the way through summer. Here are some useful home decorating tips for spring cleaning in 2020.

1. Reorganize Your Space

Spring is a perfect time to rethink your home organization. Start by finding new storage pieces that also serve as décor. For instance, you can invest in a trendy chest to store your blankets and pillows. Use colorful hooks to hang your purses, scarfs, and keys. Install extra shelves in your bathroom to roll extra towels, and to store tissues, personal hygiene and skincare products, and other toiletries. Revamp your shelves with new decoration pieces and rearrange your books and knick knacks as well.

2. Make Small Decorative Changes

With a few, small aesthetic changes, you can spruce up your décor for the seasonal change. For instance, refresh your walls with new artwork, bring color to your windows with colorful treatments, or make your living room pop with brightly colored couch pillows or a bold, colorful rug.  Exchange your old bathtubs for Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtubs and transform the bedding you have been using all winter. Install new door knobs and change the color of your cabinets. Install gorgeous, quirky light fixtures, create an accent wall, and revamp your space with statement decoration pieces.

3. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Revamp your wardrobe with summer attire and downsize your winter clothing. Donate or toss the clothing items you don’t want to use for next season or don’t wear often. It’s a good idea to invest in wardrobe organizers to sort your summer clothes and accessories. Install a small desiccant dehumidifier to keep your wardrobe moisture free and mold-free. Toss a scented sachet into your wardrobe and shoe cabinet so that they smell fresh every time you open them.

4. Clean All the Hard to Reach Places

Many out of reach places in your home remain uncleaned throughout the year. However, spring cleaning is a good time of year to bring out the ladder and thoroughly clean all of those hard to reach places of your home. Start by cleaning the ceiling fans that will be working hard throughout the summer days. Go above and beyond your regular home cleaning regime and take care of all those areas of your home that don’t receive much attention. Some of those include the areas around your HVAC vent, inside light fixtures, between refrigerator coils, inside the washing machine, on and around the windows, and behind the toilet.

5. Bring in the Positive Energy:

After getting rid of all the dirt, it’s time to fill the house with positive energy. Spring cleaning is all about giving your house a fresh start. Bring in some new houseplants, choosing the ones that are easy to maintain. Install new curtains to give your windows a splash of color. Springtime blooms help brighten your space while bringing good energy into your home. Place mini flower pots on your window counter. Top your countertops with a bouquet of spring blooms. Potted succulents help fill your space with positive energy that will rejuvenate your mood.

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