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Refreshing the decor of your house becomes imperative after a few years. With much advancement in technology, ideas and resources, it isn’t very difficult to decorate  your home. You just need to have a clear perspective of what needs to be done, and with what budget. There are hundreds of home decorating options. In this article, I will give you a few home decorating tips that are popular this year. Instead of hiring a professional interior designer, you can easily do everything yourself. Keep in mind that you don’t have to adhere to my views, but I will be throwing out some creative ideas which will make your home look classy and spacious.

  1. Mirrors can make a difference

If you want to make the house look stylish and attractive, incorporate large mirrors in the house. However, not every wall is going to be the right option for hanging a mirror. Have you seen the large circular mirrors? You can incorporate one near your front door, so that whenever somebody enters, they can see themselves first and feel confident. Don’t splurge on the mirrors, though. Keep everything simple, and refrain from buying ones that have a lot of artwork around the frame.

  1. Don’t forget the lights

Lighting has always been a major home decorating option. Do you still have the traditional energy savers in the house or have you switched to LED’s? Whatever the case, this is the time that you do some critical thinking to improve the look of the house. What about chandeliers? They come in a vast array of designs and can be incorporated in the exterior of the house as well. If you want to go extra classy, replace the entire lighting of the house with modern lights. Just make sure that the color of the lighting coordinates with the theme of the rooms.

  1. Play around with art

Wall art is a rapidly growing trend around the globe. If you are a big fan of art and want to incorporate it in your house, go for wallpapers that have artwork printed on them. Keep in mind that painting will take a lot of time, and will be more costly as compared to murals. With wallpaper, you will just need to tell the designer about the texture and design you want. Another benefit is that you won’t need to do all the walls of the house. A single wall in the living room, with perfect artwork, will suffice for the rest of the place.

  1. Change your furniture

Do you still have the traditional wrought iron furniture in the house? Do you want to incorporate a piece of the forest in your house? If yes, you can replace your old furniture  with wooden furniture in the living room and a common room where guests usually sit. You can browse 360 homeware to check suitable furniture pieces for your house. The pieces you choose should be scaled to the size of your rooms, so that the place looks spacious. The smell of fresh wood will give a fresh vibe to everyone.

  1. Change the theme

If you haven’t tried this, maybe now is the time. Millennials are opting for special themes in their homes. Themes that reflect your personality make the home uniquely yours, and give you the ambiance that make it a relaxing place for you. Try to play around with colors, and don’t get afraid when experimenting with something new. Get some expert advice, by researching your theme, and then go for it. Even if your friends don’t care for it, it is your house, so you create your world within the 4 walls of your house.


Enjoy the experience of decorating your house. With the right decisions taken and correct techniques, even an old house can easily be decorated to be fresh and welcoming.

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