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How Alcoholism Affects Your Social Life

Alcoholism creates problems in many regards but one of the main issues are social consequences. Although alcohol helps people to relax but its abuse can cause a lot of health problems, and it badly affects your social life. Alcohol abuse leads to an increase in mental health issues, joblessness, and assaults. Alcoholism also affects marriages and families. Here are some main effects of alcoholism on social life as a whole.

Effects of Drink Driving:

Alcoholism creates dangers because the consequence of drink driving affects many families and can even result in injuries. The person driving under the influence of alcohol is not only a danger for himself but also for the passengers in his vehicle, and the other drivers on the road as well. Drink drivers are more likely to cause accidents and collisions that can lead to severe injuries, disabilities, and even fatalities. Alcohol addiction can be hard to fight alone but Steps+ offer the detox london treatment without having to leave your home.

Increasing Crime Rates:

The crime rate also rises with increased alcohol abuse. Assault and sexual assault is also one of the consequences of alcoholism. Violence and alcoholism have a clear correlation that is caused by many disagreements rapidly going out of control and affecting many. Alcoholism is a cause of physical violence which is also a crime because it involves injuries. Alcohol abuse contributes to increased crimes because many people do not think about the consequences of crime when intoxicated.

Impacts on Work Performance:

Alcoholism affects your social life in the form of poor job performance. Hangovers can lead to workplace accidents, absenteeism, and low productivity, all of which put your job at risk. The drinkers themselves do not perceive the effects of drinking on their work performance, but their employers and co-workers do so. Alcoholism ultimately leads to unemployment, and unemployment can also lead to increased drinking.

Effects of Alcoholism on the Family:

The social impact of alcoholism begins in the home. Although many people drink because they think it makes them feel better but drinking excessively negatively impacts the personality of a person, which in turn affects his relationships. Alcohol addicts are often involved in verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Couples can also behave violently with each other during alcohol use. Research showed the marriages in which only one spouse is a heavy drinker end in divorce 50% of the time. Alcohol addiction results in impaired decision making, financial problems, and reduced sexual performance that ultimately affects the family as a whole.

Negative Impact on Children:

The children who have an alcoholic parent are regularly exposed to negative behaviors. They may be violent, abusive, psychological, or simply a lack of parenting. Moreover, children of the alcoholics are more likely to become addicts, and they often have psychological and emotional problems. They are more likely to develop various emotional problems like guilt, shame, fear, insecurities, confusion, and mistrust. Alcoholic parents can also cause socialization problems for their kids, e.g. the children may avoid friendships because they are afraid or embarrassed to be recognized as their parent’s son or daughter or to invite others kids to their home. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) occurs when a pregnant mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy. Many symptoms of FAS in Children are life long and permanent.

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