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How Long Will a Treated Wood Deck Last?

A great deck is a lovely addition to any home and an investment that pays you back in quality time with friends and family. But it is also exposed to the elements, foot traffic, and even food and grease from backyard grills and parties. Knowing the signs of wear and tear can help homeowners know when to call an expert for refinishing or replacement. Applying the right kind of treatment to a wood deck will help it look great and also prevent deterioration.

Conditions in Seattle that Affect Deck Wood

Wood is an organic material, which means that no matter what it will always break down. Normal wear and tear affect when boards and posts need to be replaced. Some other factors that affect wood decks are the moist climate in Seattle and how often homeowners get a regular inspection and maintenance check on their deck. Aging and use are other normal causes of needing deck repairs.

Precipitation such as rain, snow, or even fog can corrode sealants and stains on wood, leaving it open to the elements. In these cases the deck will need to be power-washed and resealed. Even in ideal weather wood is still prone to being warped by people walking on the deck. The pressure it puts on decks causes their nails to become dislodged, resulting not only in a potential trip hazards but also a loss in the integrity of the deck structure.

Lastly, scheduling regular maintenance can ensure loose rails are tightened and rotten boards are replaced, which is ideal compared to having to replace the entire deck from rot that spread. This is why regular inspections can help save you money and keep your deck beautiful.

Signs of Wear To Look For

Some repairs are cosmetic while others are needed to avoid danger. Regardless of the type, it is important for homeowners to do an inspection of their decks and address any concerns immediately.

Some of the most obvious signs of cosmetic wear are flaking or peeling paint and the discoloration of the wood. For these refinishing the deck might be the best solution. Once stripped and power-washed, the deck is ready for a new stain or sealant is added to it.

However, sign such as splinters on the boards, soft spots or bowing in the wood, or visible nails or mold may require replacing one post or board, or even the entire deck. If you notice any of these signs on your deck, it is advisable to contact an expert to prevent damage or personal injury. Rot can also be under wooden boards so it might be hard to see.

Best Types of Wood Treatments for Seattle Area

Great wood treatment prevents rot and decay. Some of the best types are oil-based stains and sealants. They are also effective in preventing insects from eating away at the wood. An expert will be able to assess what the best wood preservative is for your deck.

There are other things to consider when hiring home care contractors in Seattle for deck wood treatments. Ask your contractor to show you proof of their insurance as well as samples of past work, and research what people are saying about them online. You want to choose a company that uses high-quality products and has excellent customer service.

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