How Often Should a Woman Get a Hair Cut?

When it comes to the outward appearance of a woman, hair can and does make all the difference. Hair color, styles, cuts, and do’s say a lot about a person and can be a significant indicator of personality and style preferences. In fact, your hair can be your best accessory (or your worst). For many women, the thought of getting a hair cut is a painstaking process. First, you have to find that one trusted hair dresser who will actually listen to what you have to say when it comes to your desired look. And then, you have to turn over all control and allow her to take scissors (or clippers) to your locks.

The good news is that hair grows back. If you get a terrible hair cut, you can rest assured that in just a few short weeks or months, depending on how fast your hair grows, you will be able to do undo anything that you don’t like.

The question however, is how often should a woman get a hair cut? For men, who normally keep their hair shorter – a hair cut becomes a priority every 6-8 weeks when pieces start sticking up rather than lying flat. But for a woman, when to get a hair cut is not so clear cut.

If you have a short hair style that you love, chances are you will have to have your locks trimmed every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain the style. One of the biggest hair misconceptions is that short hair is easier to maintain. The truth is that when you have a shorter, distinct hair cut – such as a pixie cut, growing it out can be a frustrating experience and in order to keep it looking clean and well groomed, your hair will have to be cut more frequently. For those that have generally standard hair styles of shoulder length or long hair, the need for a hair cut can be pushed back months and months without compromising the overall look of your hair. When your hair gets too long, it is easy to simply pin it up or pull it back and still pull off that ‘put together’ look.

According to experts from the trendy Aveda salon, most stylists recommend that their clients get a hair cut – meaning at least a trim to remove dead ends every 6-8 weeks. This again, depends on the health of your hair and the rate at which it grows. For women who use a lot of chemical processing on their hair such as color, perms or straighteners, having your dead ends clipped every 6 weeks will keep your hair healthier in the long run. Once your hair has frazzled or dead ends, the hair sheath will continue to break up the length of the hair, which can require several inches being taken off if you wait to long in between hair cuts.

With the common trend of high heat hair straighteners which undoubtedly damage hair at the ends quickly, keeping the ends of your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks ensures healthier hair.

Unfortunately, very few women actually follow this advice. It seems that the busier women get working outside the home, raising families and taking care of day to day to life – making time for a hair appointment has become a luxury. In a Cosmopolitan poll, the average woman aged 25-37 admitted that they often go more than 4 months without getting a hair cut. One of the reasons was because they didn’t have the time. Another reason for waiting was because they were unhappy with their hair dresser while many others blame the dwindling economy on holding off on hair cuts for as long as possible.

If you have very long hair and do not want to change to a shorter sassier look, then you should commit to a hair cut at least every 12 weeks. Each time your hair is cut, you should ask your hair style to cut off the dead ends and the splitting hair follicles, even if it means getting a few inches cut off rather than just ½ an inch. The reason is that once hair experiences breakage, growth will be stunted and even though the hair may look longer, the damage to the hair shaft will continue to get worse and worse.

Getting a hair cut doesn’t have to be painful, filled with anxiety, or expensive. The best rule of thumb to follow when it comes to hair cuts is that once you notice hair damage, breakage or the inability to keep your hair styled properly you should visit a salon. If you haven’t found the perfect stylist, then ask someone whose hair you love who he or she uses and schedule an appointment with that stylist. Also, remember that for a stylist, they prefer getting a hair cut right the first time and not having to redo a hair cut or earn a bad reputation because they provided you with a bad haircut. Before they start clipping, make sure that you set clear expectations with your hair dresser, and even bring along pictures to show her what sort of styles (or colors) you do like. Additionally, be clear and concise with your instructions. Many women are afraid to sound demanding when it comes to services they are provided. And even though your hair will grow out, being miserable in the meantime is not a good way to spend your time. The bottom line is your hair dresser wants to please you! This is why sometimes he or she will recommend cuts or services based on the ‘condition’ of your hair.

In the end, the goal of a hair cut and style is to come away with healthy, vibrant hair. Making sure you get your hair cut at least every 8-12 weeks, (and more if you have shorter hair) is the best rule of thumb to follow as it pertains to how often you should have a hair cut.



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