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How Team Sports Promote Good Overall Health

The social perks of being part of a team are well documented – whether it be a netball team made up of office workers, or a team of lads from the pub who partake in a spot of 5-a-side football once a week, or something more serious.

Team sports promote excellent physical, social and mental well-being in equal measure, giving frequent players an increased chance of living a long, healthy life. With that in mind, this article explores just how team sports contribute to this desirable lifestyle.

Reduce obesity

Obesity is a huge problem in the Western world these days. Not only is it a clear sign of ill-health, obesity can also lead to other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Of course, such health defects can be caused by other underlying issues, but can often be detected via a simple DNA test. You may be thinking ‘how much is a DNA test going to tell me about my overall health?’, and the truth is, quite a lot.

By joining a sports team, weekly exercise will become part of your schedule, and can be the perfect release – particularly if you’ve been sitting in an office all day.

Boost your self-esteem

Enjoying success with your teammates whilst keeping fit and staying in shape is a great way to boost your self-esteem.

Incorporating frequent exercise into your schedule is likely to give you more energy, a greater level of self-confidence, and a more attractive appearance.

What’s more, the endorphins released by the brain while in physical activity mode are vital to promoting overall natural mental health, keeping depression and stress at bay.

Improve brain function

Team sports such as football or cricket improve brain function and speed of reactions. The hand-eye coordination required to excel in cricket is a sign of sharp reflexes and excellent concentration skills, while football requires you to run at varying speeds while showing your creative and technical side.

Team sports are also a great way to keep in touch with acquaintances and make new friends. They also serve to eliminate ‘brain fog’, and many people report losing their inhibitions completely when they begin playing sport, due to the fun, interactive environment in which they take place.

Promotes competition

Playing a team sport from a young age can prepare you for the harsh realities of life, where competition is rife. This can be an excellent way of bringing out your competitive edge in an environment which is ultimately of little significance to the rest of your life.

This promotes an understanding that the combination of hard work and ability is the best way to achieve success. Excelling in this environment can provide a mental framework and stimulate success in other areas, particularly for youngsters.

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