How To Avoid Auto Shipping Scams

Car shipping scams are quite uncommon, but this doesn’t mean that they are non-existent. Fraudsters always find ways to trap gullible and innocent clients, which often results in huge losses. What plays in their favor is that most people are usually in a rush to have their vehicles shipped to their target destination within the shortest time possible and at the lowest prices.

When looking to ship your car, it is wise to take your time and assess every single detail concerning the shipping process. With a little level of attention to detail, it can be pretty easy to identify the simple flaws in the scams by these fraudsters.

Here’s how to spot common vehicle shipping scams from miles away:

Pay Attention To Their Online Reviews

Online reviews are usually one of the best places to learn more about any potential company that you would love to work with. However, in most cases, fraudsters will tend to leave fabricated reviews on their websites to attract gullible clients. To get genuine information and customer feedback, look for reviews on reputable transportation review websites.

In most cases, such websites do not allow reviewers to review a service without confirming that they actually did business with the shipping company. Perhaps, one of them has shipped out classic cars using a company such as Executive Auto Shippers ( and left an in-depth review. Other than getting legitimate reviews, you will also learn more about how your potential company handles complaints from customers.

A reputable company will go out of its way to address these complaints both in the case of current and future customers. Additionally, if a company has recently responded to reviews, it shows that they are currently still in business.

Seek Their Details on the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau houses information about the most reputable companies. While it is not mandatory to get their business enlisted in these listings, most legitimate companies will go out of their way to become members. Search for the name of the business you wish to work with within the list of companies.

Often, you will find information about when the business began, how long they have been in business and their contact details. Most auto shipping companies tend to last a short while due to the competitiveness of the market. As a result, finding a company that has been in business for long means that they are borderline perfect at their craft.

Scrutinize Before Signing

It is essential to understand every clause on the contract to avoid any issues down the line. This is because it is common for fraudsters to add claims that might go against your wishes within their documents. For instance, they may include some additional fees or might not want to cover for any damages on your vehicle.

As you read through the document, ensure that any questionable clause is explained to you in depth. In case something looks amiss in the document, it is wise to walk away from the deal than regret later.

Contact the Shipping Company

While it might at first seem like everything is okay when presented with the shipping contract online, sometimes it is necessary to get a perspective of the company you will be dealing with. What better way is there than to contact the company itself? In case they lack a contact ID on their website, then this should be a red flag.

When contacting the customer service agent, feel free to ask about anything that you feel needs a little bit more clarification. Observe how they address your concerns. A reputable company will work overtime to ensure that everything is clear from the beginning before proceeding to work with you.


Always trust your conscience when working with any new company. It is better to not ship with a fraudster than to be trapped by their questionable deal. Scrutinize the details of the company you desire to work with to avoid experiencing issues down the line.

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