How to Be a Part of the Collective Manifestation

Do you sense the power of this present moment?

Amidst the sacrifice and the fear, do you feel the undercurrent of possibility?

Would you like to be a part of the collective that will manifest a new way of being and living on this planet? Is it clear to you that we are on a threshold that will lead to more division and scarcity or more unity and abundance?

When you imagine into both the near and distant future, do you entertain images of humanity operating from the truth of our interconnectedness or even greater division?  Do you imagine your life more in alignment with how you want to live and be in this lifetime or more limited and stressed? Can you see the Earth continuing to be allowed to regenerate herself or do you see us returning to the previous mindset of not being able to make a difference, climate change being too far along to affect positive change?

What you imagine, where you send your attention, how you speak into the future, whether to yourself silently or aloud into the collective, matters greatly.

Our collective experience moving forward will depend solely on how many of us choose to imagine humanity manifesting an whole new age or unity, abundance, compassion and sustainability.

Here are some manifesting prompts to inspire your consciousness!

#1 Manifesting Prompt 

“I see the boundaries that used to surround groups, parties, and cultures dissolving as we realize more and more how interconnected we are.”

Whenever a collective shares a traumatic or challenging experience the group comes together. Differences dissolve in light of the shared experience. You can imagine our human family continuing to come together, more and more each day, moving into our future, whether stressed by a virus, natural disasters, or differing opinions. Feel into the feelings of harmony, the collective moving in a new kind of flow, and differences being accepted while compromises and ways of working together expand. 

#2 Manifesting Prompt 

“Wow! As a human family we are all so much more conscious of all the ways we can support our natural environment as it continues to recover and regenerate. The air is cleaner, the water clearer, and all elements of our global economy are changing accordingly!”

We may have felt overwhelmed by the width and breadth of the climate crisis up until now, but now we know that we can shift the trajectory and that small changes, when made collectively, create huge change. You read headlines of decreased emissions across the board, wildlife becoming more and more abundant, the waters clearing, the air is cleaner and cleaner. Industry rises along with this collective consciousness and invests in technology and behavior that is in alignment with the regeneration of our natural world. Feel into this sense of well being, fecundity, and beauty. 

#3 Manifesting Prompt 

“I focus on only what I desire. I visualize living a fulfilled, meaningful life that is fueled by love, abundance and community. My vibration is higher and higher each day and everyone around me is speaking into possibility and positive change.”

In 2020 I thought I had lost a lot; my job, career, savings…. What I know now is that all the change was clearing space for even more joy and harmony in my life. Because of what I lost, I had room to step into new opportunities and today my life feels so much more in alignment. I trust that no matter what happens around me, that I can focus on heightened levels of emotion and awareness. I trust that the positive and negative dance together around me, guiding me along my highest path, and releasing me, however gradually, from my past so I can be ever more present and open to all that is available to me. I feel more alive and energized than ever before in my life.

We don’t have to know the details or “figure anything out.” We have an opportunity right now, as a collective, to imagine into our brightest future. We learn first through contrast. During times of greatest change, these contrasts become more dramatic so we can see and choose.

Stress and worry are imagining what we don’t want. Now we remember that we are free to imagine, and therefor manifest, what we DO want. Thank you for being a part of creating the change we want to see in our world. And so it is.



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