How to Be and Stay Light During the Holiday Season

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As the sun goes behind the mountains at 3:00p this time of year, and my house temperature immediately drops at least five degrees, I am reminded of the preciousness of light and the true reason for this season.

I want to offer you a new perspective to bathe your holiday experience this year with a new sense of peace and connection.


Historically, we as a human family gathered to celebrate, in so many ways, to honor the natural cycle of light and dark. Winter Solstice is the turning point, when the light begins to return (in the Northern Hemisphere). Many of us still connect to this tradition, sometimes unknowingly, as we bring light into our home via Christmas trees and menorahs. It is all about the “return of the light.”

What are all the ways you could allow this waning light, leading up to 12.21, to support you in releasing that which no longer serves you? What makes you feel dark or heavy? Imagine it setting on the horizon of your life’s experience, preparing you for a new dawn.

Like the lights dimming at the end of a stage performance, allow Mother Earth’s dimming light to bring to a close heavy or dark experiences, relationships, beliefs, stories, or habits.

Then, starting 12.22, turn your attention towards that which you want to grow. Allow the waxing daylight to inspire your own sense of new beginnings and growth.


Science now promotes to us that everything is energy, vibration…light. You are energy. You are vibration. During the holidays, many of us experience the full spectrum of high vibration joy and low vibration sorrow. With all the expectations and holiday-inspired to-do’s, it can be hard to maintain a high vibration. The season of giving becomes a season of doing and we find ourselves heavy with fatigue and burdened by an impossible schedule.

Can you reconnect to your own inner lightness? Can you set aside the way you have “done” the holidays up until now and create your own new traditions or priorities that will help you to maintain a high vibration lightness? Stop to ask yourself, amidst the ho-ho-ho’ing, what can I do to maintain my own high vibration? Take a break. Go within. Go outside into nature. Meditate for even 3 minutes on gratitude, or on what brings you joy or peace.

Light a candle each day and allow the flickering flame to speak to you of warmth, inspiration, hope, peace, generosity…. The lit candle could be a new symbol of your commitment to honor what lights you up in life and to fanning the flame of your own sacred spark.


Be the light this season. Intend to radiate a lightness of being amidst the hub-bub and busyness. Imagine the candlelight reflected in your eyes as you gaze at the flame during your new ritual and share that sparkle with those around you.

The symbol I use to cultivate a lightness of being within and around me is the feather. Light as a feather. I use the symbol by bringing it to mind, or imagining it in my mind’s eye, using it as a yantra, a visual mantra. I picture the feather, often floating down from the sky, gently wafting through the breeze, and receive the energy of lightness that creates.

If the holidays have you stressed or feeling low, gift yourself opportunities to create new holiday experiences around the theme of light and enjoy feeling lighter and radiating more light as a result. Permission to create holidays your way is hereby granted! May your holidays be merry and light!

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools & practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. Learn more at



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