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How to Choose the Right Company when You Need Home Maintenance

If you have something in need of repair around your house, you want someone in your home you can trust. This is quite a challenge; here we give you some tips to tackle it.

Start with Friends and Family

Start by asking a friend or family member to help. Do you know someone who makes their living doing these things? There is a high chance you know a plumber, electrician, or carpenter on a personal basis.  Offer to pay for their work, and ask for an estimate so that there are no surprises.  If you need someone for a major project, they will hopefully get the work done without costing you as much.

Get Referrals from Others

In case you can’t find a home repair professional in your circle, then you need to ask for referrals for people they have hired in the past. Getting a personal reference helps you find someone tried and tested. It cuts the chances that you will get ripped off.

Avoid Classifieds and Door to Door Offers

We don’t mean to say that there isn’t anyone reputable advertising in this way, but most people who have hired a repairman by these methods didn’t have any good thing to say. There are many horror stories about these services misrepresenting their skills or just scamming people. You are better off avoiding these advertisements.

Try Review Sites Instead

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you might as well look for a reliable service on a Home Maintenance review portal.  Select any service you want to hire, like a 24-hour ac repair service for example. Filter your research and see what people have to say.


Don’t take anyone’s word that they are licensed.  Confirm it yourself before you hire. Most states allow you to check whether someone is licensed or not. Therefore, you need to search the state licensing department to see if they will let you view the licenses. You can also look to a business bureau website for company rating and complaint history.


If possible, ask the handyman to do a small job for you before you hire him for a major project. It can save your skin in the long run.  Doing so will let you witness the handyman’s work, demeanor, and punctuality.

This is not an option if you have an emergency.  However, always set aside time to meet the person and get an estimate. This discussion will give you some hints about their professionalism.

Get Written Estimate and Compare Industry Average

You need to be specific to the company about what you want. You invite them to your house and show them the work site personally. This will help them analyze the situation and calculate the time and cost needed to complete the work.

Get a written estimate from the company and compare it with different vendors to see if you are being charged correctly.

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