How to Choose the Right Furniture for Miami’s Climate

Whether you’re sitting out on the patio to enjoy a breeze or hiding in what comfort there is inside, the summer heat can warm up your furniture and make you feel like you’re getting cooked from the top and the bottom.

If you live in an area like Miami with consistently hot temperatures, you should adapt your furniture choices so that you can always enjoy relaxing in your living spaces by yourself, with your family, or with friends.

Bright Colors Are Better

Color choice makes a difference in how much heat your furniture absorbs throughout the day, especially if it is in the path of sunlight at any point. By selecting a color like white or yellow, more of the particles of light that carry the heat of the sun will bounce away when they hit the surface of your furniture.

They never have the chance to shake up the molecules inside the furniture, adding more heat! If your design dreams demand a darker color, selecting a heat-resistant material becomes even more important.

Wicker Seating

A staple of outdoor furniture, both natural and synthetic wicker are naturally resistant to shifting temperatures. If you use them indoors, they should always be cool to the touch. When used on the patio, wicker is light enough that it can easily be moved to the shade to keep it even colder until you need to use it.

Tables made from these materials can provide a cool surface when glass tabletops would feel like an oven burner. You can complement wicker furniture with cushions and covers with a wide range of available colors, so it’s possible to work it into a multitude of interior and exterior design themes.

Wood Furniture

With the right choice of tree and finish, wood furniture can be both striking and chilling. Historically, wood furniture is actually a very popular choice in the region. This explains why local brands like Miami’s Rana furniture stores offer a wide choice of wood furniture.

Wood can merge into modern styles with sleek, polished selections or convey the feeling of a rustic cabin by the beach if the natural shapes are allowed to shine. Wood is harder than wicker or fabric-covered furniture, but they are comfortable enough to sit on, and enjoy a conversation if not fall asleep on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Linen Covers

The flax-based fibers of linen are naturally insulated and resistant to moisture. With a linen cover, either attached to the furniture or thrown over it, you can have upholstery that retains the softer feel of fabric while avoiding the tendency for some fibers to grow hot.

If you decide to use wicker or wood furniture, adding linen-covered cushions or throw covers can add softness to the seating without sacrificing too much of its coolness. They also make it easy to swap between colors, so a collection of linen covers can give you a versatile and heat-resistant furniture arrangement.

Velvet Furniture

Smooth, luxurious, and absolutely gorgeous: velvet furniture is a fantastic choice in any home without rambunctious pets or children. It also happens to be slow to change temperature, if not quite as heat-resistant as wicker or properly selected wood furniture.

Velvet might conjure up images of fancy Victorian foyers, but modern velvet furniture is just as affordable as other types made with similar quality. You shouldn’t leave it outside or in direct sunlight indoors, but otherwise, the velvet can stay decently cool while letting you sink and relax better than any of the other options above.

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