How to Create a Stunning Video for Facebook Timeline

Facebook video remains one of the most popular content on the social media platform. It’s widely used in the marketing strategy of many world-famous companies since videos attract attention and gain more likes and shares. Video may tell your story better than anything else. According to the statistics, 59% of people would rather watch a video than read a post. HubSpot states that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video.

If you also want to promote your product or service or desire to get many likes from your friends, learn how to create professional videos for your Facebook timeline. Don’t worry! You don’t have to have a set or a big film crew to make these videos. It’s enough to read this article up to the end and follow the recommendations.

Shoot a video with a smartphone

Modern smartphones have excellent cameras that let you take high-quality videos at any moment. However, before taking your phone out of the pocket, make a short plan. First of all, make sure you know what exactly you want to show. Your video has to present a specific idea. If you’re going to promote a product, show it in details and tell how your potential buyers can use it.

When people plan to shoot a video, they are going to stand in front of the camera and share their experiences. There is nothing wrong with such tactics. But you will need a lot of effort to keep the audience’s attention until the end of the video.

There is another way: create “catchy” videos. Simple 30 second or minute videos will also be able to convey all the advantages of your idea. In this case, users in a short time will receive a concentrated portion of the content, and you will get satisfied subscribers.

You can start by writing a script and preparing all the necessary data: pictures, photos, texts, programs and so on.

To keep your videos short, use free video converter from Freemake. Just add your video into the software and cut out of your video everything you don’t need. Then preview the result before saving it. You can save your video in MP4, this format keeps the original video quality and is accepted by all modern websites.

Create a presentation right on Facebook

Since 2016, Facebook has an option of creating a slideshow with pics and music. To do it, you need to have at least five photos in an album. If you don’t have time for a video, you can start with a slideshow. What you need to do it to prepare high-quality pics of what you want to show and upload them to your profile. You can do create a slideshow either from your PC or from your smartphone if you have a Facebook app installed.

The process is really easy. You will only need to select the images that you want to have in a slideshow, add a music track and some additional video elements like aspect ratio, transition or slide duration.

Unfortunately, like YouTube Facebook doesn’t let you add music tracks of your favorite singers unless you have the licensed right to do it. Thus, you will need to select a track from the list of the songs suggested by Facebook. There are various categories you can choose music from — for example, Dance, Chillwave, Action and many more. You will definitely find a track to suit your presentation.

As for the aspect ratio, please make sure all your pics correspond to the aspect ratio that you select. For example, for the “Square” option add square pics to prevent Facebook from cutting your images. Keep in mind that according to the statistics, square videos gain more likes and shares.

Create a video with special software

If you are fond of video editing and can use various software tools for creating your masterpiece, that’s perfect. In case you are a newbie and have never heard about Adobe Premier or iMovie, you can use simple online programs with ready solutions. For instance, you can try Animoto. This online service will help you merge several videos with images and music and transform them into a cool presentation that you will be able to upload on your Facebook page.

Animoto is not free. If you want to use it, you will need to select a plan depending on your scope: Personal, Professional and Business.

Here are the plans and prices for annual use.

The Professional plan both monthly and annual one offers a trial option for 14 days. So, you can try the service and decide if it suits your goals.

As you can see all the plans include some ready-to-use fonts, pre-built storyboards and color options. The number is limited by the selected plan.

Animoto is an excellent choice if you want to start learning video editing and create professional looking videos. It provides astonishing results and doesn’t require tech skills at the same time.

The resulted file comes in a video format; thus, you can share it on all social platforms.

Whatever way you choose – shooting a video, creating a Facebook presentation or using Animoto, don’t forget about a couple of universal tips.

Don’t create a long introduction.

Since Facebook users prefer short video, get quickly to the point. Otherwise, people will merely scroll your video.

Use captions

Many users watch videos without sound. To help them understand what’s going on and what you are talking about, use captions to highlight the most important details.

Add a good title

Give your video a captivating and description title to make users easily find it.

Give a description

When posting your video on Facebook, don’t forget to provide a brief description of what it is about. Thus, you may attract more users and increase your video views.

Add a Call-to-Action

If you promote a product a service, add a call-to-action at the end of your video or in the description. Let people know what you want them to do: to call, to subscribe or to try a free sample, etc.

That’s all you should keep in mind before creating your first Facebook video. If you have questions or recommendations, you can share them in the comments below.

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