How to Find out If Your Partner Is Having an Affair?

When you’re in a committed relationship, there’s a level of stability and confidence that comes along with it. You love one another. You trust each other. You have the same dreams and ambitions. In other words, have the foundations of a good relationship. And yet, every now and then, a sneaking suspicion creeps up inside you that something isn’t right.

Maybe it’s sudden secrecy with their phone. Maybe a new friend keeps coming up in conversations. Perhaps your partner has a seemingly booming social life, despite being introverted and shy normally.

You can’t explain why, but you’ve got a gut feeling your partner is having an affair. If you’d like to calm your nerves and finally get to the bottom things, here are 5 ways to find out if your partner is having an affair:

Investigate their digital footprint.

If your partner isn’t one for posting, commenting, or interacting online, yet suddenly seems attached to their phone, it’s time to investigate what’s going on. Consider performing a background check for a digital footprint to find any online accounts you don’t know about. Reports will typically include any profiles or accounts attached to the name, helping you narrow down any secrets they may be hiding online. If they’ve got accounts you don’t know about, search them up online to get an idea of what they’re sharing.

Consider your sex life (or lack thereof)

One of the most notable signs of an affair is a sudden or drastic change in the bedroom. A lower connection between both of you and a lackluster routine is a tell-tale sign something is up. If you used to be intimate four times a week, yet now you’re lucky to have sex once a month, chances are this need is being filled somewhere else.

This is also true for partners who have suddenly changed their interests in the bedroom, particularly around kinks, fetishes, or new positions. Although a couple could be looking to spice things up, if there’s a newly found kink that you haven’t participated in developing, consider it a red flag.

Consider Using a Keystroke Logger

For the serious investigator, a keystroke logger is a software designed to keep records of keys entered on a computer. Everything from passwords, conversations, and interactions will be recorded, normally to a website or a file on the device itself. These files are given inconspicuous names and are not trackable unless you know where the file is located.

If you have suspicions that your partner is having an affair, this device will give you a literal play-by-play of all online activities.

Use a GPS tracker

Provided you own the asset or vehicle, GPS trackers are legal to use within the US. Global Positioning System (GPS) helps you pinpoint the exact location of something using a satellite system. Attaching one to a vehicle you own will help you determine where your partner is going throughout the day, with both real-time and historical data retrieving.

When your spouse visits locations that don’t match up to where they’re supposed to be, chances are it’s because they don’t want to get caught. These secretive meetups are especially helpful if your partner is supposed to be working early or late yet aren’t at the office until their normal time. If the vehicle you’d like to trace isn’t legally yours, always check with state and federal guidelines before you proceed further.

Drop by Their Home or Office Unannounced

There’s nothing better than being surprised by the one you love unless you have something to hide. If you’ve considered that your partner isn’t faithful, arrange a surprise visit to their home or office without notice. Consider bringing them a surprise lunch or dinner, or simply pop in to chat for a few minutes because you were in the area.

Take note of their reaction when they see you. Are they happy and delighted by your presence or are do they seem edgy and agitated? Do they smile when they see you? Look at their body language while you’re there and see if they remain affectionate toward you. If your surprise visit has them cold, distant, and annoyed, there’s a good chance there’s more to the story.

No one likes to discover that their partner is cheating, especially when the relationship seems to be going well. Unfortunately, if you have your suspicions, there’s a reason you feel that way—always trust your gut instinct.

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