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How to Get Along With Your New Roommate

After living on your own for some time, you have decided to share living expenses with a roommate. While you have great memories of your college roomies, that was awhile ago and you want to be sure you get off on the right foot with your new roommate.

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to help ensure that you and your new roommate get along well and have the most successful relationship possible. To help make the transition go as smoothly as you can, consider the following words of advice.

Remember That Neither One of You Can Read Minds

The following sentence will help make the entire roommate relationship go smoothly: No one can read minds. As Psych Central notes, if you don’t want your roomie to borrow your expensive shampoo but you are fine if he helps himself to your Lucky Charms, speak up and say something. If you notice that your shampoo bottle is now half full, but you didn’t tell him that you’d prefer not to share toiletries, stewing about it and being angry will not solve anything. The same is true for you borrowing your roommate’s stuff. By remembering that neither one of you has a crystal ball and to communicate diplomatically about things like sharing your food and other items, you will go a long way in creating a positive relationship.

Consider Installing a Security System

To keep you and your roommate as safe and secure as possible, along with all of your belongings, you might want to invest in a security camera system. If one of you accidentally leaves the front door ajar and your place is burglarized, the cameras may pick up footage of who waltzed in and helped themselves to your stuff. Also, even if your home or apartment is in a really safe part of town, having a home security camera system has a way of providing invaluable peace of mind. If you are concerned about costs and/or your landlord getting mad about you wiring in a bunch of cameras, rest assured that you can find budget-friendly wire-free versions from a company like Lorex. Their wire-free cameras can be installed anywhere you and your roommate would like, and they capture clear footage with their battery-operated power packs. When you move someday, you can take them with you and re-install them in your new place.

Be Friendly but Don’t Expect a New BFF

While you want to get along with your new roommate, and he or she probably feels the same about you, notes you shouldn’t assume you are going to be total besties. It may happen, but you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. You should be friendly to your roommate and, if you enjoy some of the same interests, spend time together going to the movies and the like, but be sure you have your own social circle and don’t wait around for your roommate to come home and keep you company. Along the same lines, don’t assume that your roommate will always be available for a chat or quick coffee date; just as you might come home from work with a bad headache and you want to be left alone, he might be stressed out or extra busy with school or work and will want to retreat to his room.

Enjoy Your New Living Situation

Whether you have a roommate for a few months or several years or longer, you want each day to be as pleasant as possible. By making communication a top priority, investing in a home security system and respecting each other’s space, you should find that sharing your home is stress-free and a positive experience.

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