How to Get in on the Fun of Motorcycling

With the weather warming up, you may yearn to hit the open road. It will soon be a good time to start something you may have thought about for a long time–the hobby of motorcycle riding.

To get the most out of motorcycling, you should stay alert to danger as well as invest in the best bike, gear, and accessories.

Stay Alert to Danger

Although you’re motorcycling to have fun, this is not an excuse to be careless on the road. Motorcycling can be dangerous when you don’t take it seriously. If you’re negligent on the road, you could be liable for harming yourself or others. Negligence ranges from not staying focused on the road to drinking alcohol before getting on your bike.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be in a motorcycle accident, your best hope for protecting your brain is to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, don’t just wear any helmet, but one that meets the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Here are some essential things to riding safely on the road:

  • Learn to stay alert on long rides. Never ride when you are in any frame of mind that could lower your alertness, such as riding when you’re feeling sleepy, fatigued, intoxicated, or emotionally distraught.
  • Learn what danger signs to look for on the surface of the road itself—such as, pebbles, oil spills, or potholes.
  • Learn what precautionary steps to take when you come across a dangerous situation, such as inclement weather, bad drivers, or wild animals crossing the road.

You can learn these things by taking safety classes, reading safety guides, and talking to experienced riders.

Buy the Best Bike   

Buying the best bike is not advice to buy the biggest, most powerful, best-looking bike from a top manufacturer. Instead, it means buying a bike that meets your needs.

Here are three top things to consider when buying a bike:

  1. Choose a bike that suits your reason for riding. If you’re motorcycling to commute to work, to take your significant other for road-trips over the weekends, or to race on a track, then buy a bike that suits that purpose. Don’t, for instance, buy a touring motorcycle if you’re not planning on going on road trips.
  2. Choose a bike that suits your riding skills. If you’re a beginner, don’t buy a high-powered motorbike. Instead, buy one that is recommended for beginners because of its plethora of safety features.
  3. Choose a bike that is comfortable. A comfortable bike is one that suits your height and size. For instance, if you’re a large, big-boned person, a smaller bike will be uncomfortable. Conversely, if you have a smaller frame, a larger bike might be difficult to control.

Buy the Best Gear and Accessories

Seasoned riders refer to investing in the best gear and accessories as ATGATT. This is an acronym for “All the Gear, All the Time.” You should gear up before you ride to stay safe.

Here are some ways to suitably gear up for a fun ride:

  • Wear a helmet that meets the highest safety standards.
  • Wear a jacket and pair of pants that provide superior protection against bad weather or abrasions after a fall. Alternatively, you could wear a one-piece suit to protect you when you ride.
  • Wear gloves that protect your hands from flying pebbles or bugs when you ride.
  • Wear boots that protect your feet and ankles. These should be comfortable and have a good tread. Don’t get boots with long laces because open laces could get entangled.
  • Use accessories to increase your protection, such as accessories to protect your eyes and ears.

In closing, enjoying motorcycling starts by mastering fundamentals, such as learning how to ride safely and choosing the most suitable bike, gear, and accessories. While you might want an impressive motorcycle, focus on safety rather than performance.



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