How to Get Started with Training Your Dog

Training a dog properly is the best way to have a happy family. A dog that is trained is less stressed, happier, and healthier than one that does not understand why they are being punished. Not knowing how to train a dog and being inconsistent are two of the worst things that you can do for your new dog, so to avoid these behaviors follow this guide:

Get Started with a Puppy Training Class

Puppy training offers many benefits for first-time dog owners. It teaches you how to train your dog. They will go over and help you train simple, staple commands and also give you the framework to continue training at home. Puppy class also works to socialize your dog, ensuring they are friendly with other dogs on walks.

Keep Training Sessions Short But Consistent

When you train at home keep sessions short. If you want them to sit while you pour their food, do this once per meal. There is no need to go over and over. In fact, this will become overwhelming to your puppy. Short sessions, with the same lesson. This is how you will train your dog quickly.

Stay Consistent with Your Rules

If you get mad at your dog only sometimes, it is going to confuse and stress them. If you do not want them up on the couch then be consistent with this rule. If you allow them to sometimes but not others, this is going to confuse them. Do not worry too much about specifics. If they are allowed on one couch, but not others, they can and will figure this out so long as you keep your rules consistent – both with yourself, and between you and all other members of your household.

Stop Behavior, But Do not Punish

You want to stop bad behavior, but you never want to punish them for it. Dogs do not understand punishment the same way a child will. There is no timeout that can help them think about their actions and decide to be good. It is far more effective to simply stop the bad behavior, then redirect them to the behavior that you want them to do instead.

Take barking, for example. Living in urban areas means that it can be very stressful for neighbors if your dog barks often and loudly. To get them to stop you can choose the best anti-bark dog collar. These collars use a variety of methods to get your dog to stop the action, from vibrating to using a ultrasonic burst. It is short and it gets the dog’s attention, stopping the bad behavior (barking) and giving you a chance to reward the good behavior (being quiet).

Reward Good Behavior

Having bits of kibble on you can be a great way to train your dog. Whenever they do something you approve of reward them. They will naturally start to repeat those behaviors because there is the positive reinforcement in their mind (and not just for the treats). Rewarding good behavior is the best way to train your dog, as it leaves them trained and happy.



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